A Long Walk

I’m wanting a very specific feel for this image… almost dreamy, but very painterly.

The image isn’t finished, but I have a WIP render finished. I painted part of it in Gimp, and composited it with the original render in Blender.




Wow! This is looking very awesome. It’s on its way to looking really realistic. I do notice a texture error on the right side of the road. The green in the middle of the road may need a bit of revision but other than that, everything looks super awesome!

This looks great. There is that little UV stretch or something going on at the right.

What do you mean by painterly.

If you want dreamy give it some clouds in the sky and maby an overall slightly blue tint.

Anyway it looks great.

The car windshield needs a little tint, looks unrealistic now. Also a tree shadow in the middle of the street would be a nice touch. A stop sign here and there would be nice too.

Thanks for your comments! :slight_smile:

@JamesRuddick and asian.monkey: Yes, that miserable UV texture isn’t working in that render… I think I got it now, though. :wink:

@asian.monkey: By painterly, I mean I want the image to have a painted feeling. Does that make sense? Also, my original concept didn’t have any clouds, but I think you are right about putting some in. :wink:

@MCNano117: Ya, I’ve worked a little on that car. Good thoughts, though. I shall see about putting some in. :slight_smile:

Also, I added some stuff, and I worked in the compositor a little more, and I think I’m getting closer to what I want.


Comments? Crits?

Alright. I finally got this file ported to 25.3. There all still some problems… The walls dropped a foot or so… I didn’t notice til after I rendered. :stuck_out_tongue: lol.

But anyway, I’ve added a couple things. :wink:


Comments? Crits?