A lost hope

Hi there

This is just a doodle, I have been working on in my freetime in the last days. I really wanted to model a Tie-Fighter, but I get bored quickly, so I added an X-Wing, which I found surprisingly difficult.
When both were ‘finished’ I did this little scene, and I hope, there are some Star-Wars fans out there who are lenient with my skills.

Cheers, sloane


you can try to add some motion blur to the front spaceship, will get the scene more dynamic. Good job though :slight_smile:

You are right. I added an exploding planet for more drama :smiley:

update: more action!

looks good, but I want to see much more of the X-Wing…more emphasis on on of them may benefit the scene…too much background stuff for me :slight_smile:

hi peter

you are right - the fighter is the main part. so here is the revised image. tell me if you like it.