A Lost Three


This turned out while I was tweaking for a good procedural sky. I liked the result … somehow dark and mellancolic (suits my taste) and even the modeling work on it is really basic… its a nice piece i guess.

What do you think? I know I have to improve a lot :slight_smile:


Nice. I like the moon/cloud effect too.

Awsome. To me, looks kind of like a painting. Awsome job! How did you do the trees and the atmosphere effect?


Yeah… i wanted to look like a painting, glad you like the effect :slight_smile:

The three was done with ARBARO, a tree generator (i dont recall the link right now but is in the other software forum), the sky and horizon fresnel came up after playing a lot with the world settings… the clouds move if animated… Ill post a blend with animatable procedural skies soon if you want.