A lot of questions-Blender Vs Carrara.

Hi all, I’m looking for a 3D modeling program that will allow me to use texture maps better than Carrara.
I’ve read that Blender is very powerful but also very difficult to learn.

At the moment I am importing some basic models into VBlender from Carrara to check out the UV mapping.

I am having a lot of problems with the UI and hope I can get some answeres before I give up on 3D modeling all together.

  1. After accidentally opening new side windows, how do I get rid of them?


I was following a video tutorial and must have accidentally closed a needed window. How do I get it back?

That’s probable enough questions for now.
Thanks in advance.


RMB on a window border and select Join Area or use the corner triangle to drag one window into an adjacent window.

Change a window into the properties window by selecting the window type in the drop down list in the bottom left corner of the window

When you put your mouse cursor on a line separating 2 window, right click, then select “Join”, the move your mouse into the direction of the window you want to be removed.

When you have created a new window, you can change what this window will be there :

If you lost the “Properties” window, just change what it is from 3D View to Properties by clicking the button on the screenshot.

Additionally, if you’re too lost, you can always click on File -> Load Default Factory.
To avoid when loading a .blend making it modifying your interface, disable “Load UI” option when you’re at the load file browser after clicking File -> Open.

Or in File -> User Preferences -> Files , disablee Load UI for it to be automatically disabled each time without you needing to do so manually.