a lot of questions ...


i have hundreds of questions running in my head … specially after letting the game engine for a long time .

let’s start …

1- when a cube hets another cube , the main cube plays one of 3 sounds randomly , how would the logic be …

how to do it with python ?

2- what linux distro do you recommend for the new blender 2.49b , windows 7 is buggy , is there a way to find a driver for Geforece 9500 Gt under windows 7 ? , GLSL isn’t running here on win 7

thanks …

a lot of questions are coming …

ok so
give the first cube a material named Cube1 for example,now the logic only needs to be on one cube,so you put cube1 on one of the cubes and on the other cube you do like this:

touch: in the material name you put cube1,then in the actuators put a RANDOM,type int uniform,and put the minimum to 1 and max to 3 to the property Sound(or anything else) ,then add to that cube a INT type Property,named Sound,then add 3 Proprety sensors of EQUAL to type,and make a case for every posible value of Sound,like Sounds equal to 1 ,2,3 then every one will trigger a Sound actuator,get it?


as for the linux distro, try fedora (http://fedoraproject.org), it’s always the most up to date

GLSL works fine for me in windows 7… go to the nvidia site and get the windows 7 video card drivers… I have a 8800gt so I’m sure it works on your card as well.

I have a Geforce 8600m GT running just fine on Win7. However, for a Linux distro that’s quick to setup, I don’t think many beat Linux Mint. If you don’t mind taking your time to build up everything yourself – and end up with a really clean OS – Arch is a pretty cool distro too.

zachcalhoun : thanks , you have inspired me for a better way i think … :slight_smile:

anD solved the vga problem <installing the right driver> , no need of linux now …

3- i want to buy a 3D Glasses , what site do you recommend ? , any product do you recommend ?

i want them for BGE stereotype display .


I’d recommend the nvidia 3d glasses, I don’t know however if it’ll work with non-nvidia graphics cards though.
PS. Just a heads up, I had to downgrade to blender 2.49a because 2.49b gave me loads and loads of errors and bugs.

bought anaglyph glasses , they are getting shiped , maybe 10 days till they arrive , i’m going to test them on the game engine :slight_smile: .

still flirting with the engine .

nice logic zachcalhoun :wink:

but I think there’s a need to link to the 3 last controller to a
“property change” sensor … to make the 3 last actuators work
only if the properties have changed…


I would script that in python anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I would script that in python anyway :stuck_out_tongue:
share your thought please .

Sorry for the delay,

I’m quite buzy on my game project.

here is a … quite “working” script following my initial idea.

(Press space key (while in-game) to trigger the script & physic)

I really don’t like how this script turned out since I found out that
it seam impossible to change the “played sound” directly by python assignment :frowning:
(seam like the guys who programmed it made it change the name
of the actuator rather than the sound played lol, but the documentation
is clear: it’s the sound reference that is supposed to change)

…thus the need to use a different actuator for each sound

but that doesn’t matter, I’ve heard rumours which says
that blender 2.5 could get a sound upgrade.

…finaly :::)))