a lot of Ray sensors

Hi, I have 600 static objects(call soldier) that need to check the z position of ground to fix the own z position. I’ve set a empty with a ray sensor on top of soldier, so i have 600 ray sensors :eek: They take 8 ms of Logic and frame rate falls from 85 to 52. Not enough, I would 60.
(there is just the soldiers and a mesh into scene)

I try to delete the link to controller(I don’t delete the sensor), and frame rate was 85, so I use tap mode and turned up the delay, but they give me no effects.

I have some questions.

-Someone know a method to do what i need, and let the performance high?!

-Run the sensors without any link to controllers?

When I try to delete the link from ray to controller, it seems like the sensor was not there! (frame rate was the same than before I added the ray sensor 85 )and turning up the delay rest no effect to frame rate, this experience let me belive that the slowdown of frame rate is caused from link and not from sensor, unless the sensor don’t run without any link to controller.

If sensors run regardless from any link, I belive that the slowdown is caused from controller.

If is this the case, there is any tips to let controller run together the ray delay?!