a lover's skin / a lover's heart

A heavily gimped abstraction.




What is it? :-?

i don’t get it

i dont care waht it is . its very artistic . Beautiful job

I don’t see how the title has anything to do with the image, but it still looks pretty cool.

redbyte: an abstraction.

4got10soul: ok.

HEADCHEESE: thank you.

DVirus101: thanks.

Though the post does say “abstraction,” maybe I should clarify. Please try to understand that when I say abstraction I mean abstraction–there may not be any concrete relation between what you would expect from the title and what the piece actually consists of (i.e. there is no render of actual skin or a heart). This is an abstract relation of form/color/etcetera to an idea–it requires imagination to develop a personal relation to the work. Get from it what you will, but realize that it isn’t going to be some photorealistic rendition of something that literally is its subject.



true… but still, the title doesnt seem like fitting. I don’t get the feeling you are trying to have… if I understood correctly, it’s about love, and caring… well, picture doesn’t look like that.


may I add without being to rude - that this picture doesn’t really look like anything to me - but I geuss this is part of it being abstract work.