A low-poly character model for the realtime


It’s a low-poly model which I’m going to use in my experimental game involving Blender Game Engine. I’m going to rig the model now. Any suggestions on how to improve the mesh topology to allow to rig it well or how to arrange bones for the realtime? It would be nice to include some simple facial gestures as well…


+++ Filip STOKLAS (FipS), http://HOLE.4FipS.com

Is he gonna be naked in the game?? Or have a skin tight suit on?

I would think any clothes, belts, packs, or boots would have to made protruding from that mesh. Then textured as 1 model.

The mesh looks ok for modern game engines, you might be able to remove alot of those verts on the back. Once you convert that to Tris it will almost double the face count, so be aware of loose or un needed verts here and there. I think you have the right idea, and if you are looking to add this to a portfolio in the future, you have a nice solid base to start from. This could easly be turned into any number of diffrent characters.

Nice work so far.

He needs some clothes, good model. How wigh would a subsurf throught the poly into? The modeling is excelant, can you post a high subsurf render?

Thanks all for your respond.

The model is intended to be almost naked. He will be a slave, something like barbarian carrying / pushing heavy loads.

The subsurf isn’t looking very good at this time because it was modelled as a low-poly mesh primarily, but I’m considering turning the mesh into subsurf later and perhaps try to generate normal maps from that. I’ll send the result then.

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+++ Filip STOKLAS (FipS), http://HOLE.4FipS.com

good anatomy on the back , but improve the face …