A low poly head.

Greetings, I constructed a low poly head.

C&C please…



Isn’t that a bit cheap? You could have worked a bit more on that.

I don’t know what to say! why in the world would you post that???!!!:mad: :mad: :mad: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Still working on it? Maybe it should go to the WIP section…

It’s finished… just add textures and I think it will look quite realistic…

Atleast it looks quite real now…

It looks like a late April’s fool… seriously.

Milky you are right!!! What is this??

Either this belongs in the early wip section or this is a joke. I wonder if we can put negative stars rationgs. I believe we all agree here. You could have put in more work and effort before posting this.

Lol I’m a beginner at Blender and that is awful.

perfect April Joke, a bit late, but perfect…
what the hell should be realistic on this head??

april fools joke? right. very mature.

You would think with the new forum people would stop doing this.
I guess there are still a few ghosts to be busted.

Yeah, real cute.

IMO the eyes are to complex for a low poly modeling, you may consider to reduce the amount of polygons for the eyes !!

How does this have 2 stars?:rolleyes:

Simple… comic value :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah apparrently you werent trying hard on this head at all, considering, you already made a much nicer head in your other thread that nerdvanna showed us

Tazavoo, my comment to you (and all other self proclaimed “noobs”) would be this: Jumping in and trying to model any part of the human body, especially the head, is a recipie for discouragement. Akin to jumping into the deep end before you learn how to swim.

May I suggest practicing your modeling skills with simple everyday objects first. Try these: Coffee cup, die, chair, telephone, fork, etc. If you can model these simple objects with an efficient beveled mesh, then work gradually toward more difficult objects and save the tough stuff for later. I think you’ll find your Blender learning experience much more rewarding.

Ok is this a joke cuz that is the most low poly head i’ve ever saw.

Thx for de comments guyz! Lool!
Her is a newzor face! Plzplzplz comments! LoLoL!!!