a low-poly japanese girl walk cycle

What I am looking for are critiques on the technical side of the walk cycle and how effective my piece is.

(click the pic) 760 KB .mov
aprox 1300 polys
1024 texture

My goal for this piece was to explore the motions of a Japanese, Gyalu (Gal) female. These girls are incredibly interested in name brand fashion and stay current on the latest trends in apparel.

Despite the effort that goes into their public appearance, foreigners such as myself might perceive their presentation as awkward, due to an acute case of walking pigeon toed (also amplified by the high heeled shoes).

My work attempts to recreate this by staying as true to the original form as possible while avoiding my existing bias. It is then up to the viewer to react on how they feel about the girl and how she moves.

This is obviously not complete and I am aware of rendering issues. As stated earlier, I would be very happy to receive your critiques and thoughts on the technical walk cycle itself, as well as how you are responding to the work in its current form. (oh yeah, her right arm is currently holding an invisible bag)

Thanks for looking!

If it is intentional that she has extreme x shaped legs (“x-beine”) and that her feet are pointed extremly inwards (I wonder why she doesn’t topple over) the walkcycle looks good. I think the hip should sway more frm side to side considering her walking style.
You also have some problems with the deformation of the legs. Looks like the mesh is intersecting at the leg base with the body but this might just be caused by the low poly and the uv texture of the pants.

You got the legs and feet pretty well (i’m a foreigner living in Osaka, so I know exactly what you’re going for!). However, something about the animation of the feet strikes me as not quite there. I think she is lifting her feet up too much. It seems to me that most girls here dont fasten their heel straps, so they walk on their toes, while the heels of their shoes just sort of drag along…

Looks likes she’s dancing. It also seems a bit robotic or like she’s stomping or wearing extremely heavy shoes’s:spin:

musk - yes, the leg shape is indeed intentional, but you are right that the knees are intersecting each other. Honestly, when I see these girls, I am equally confused as to why they don’t topple over. In terms of correcting the knees, I have luckily built in knee controls into the rig.

moose_grunt - oh yes! that is such a good point I had totally forgotten about. I remembered thinking about the heel dragging thing, but lost sight of that once I actually began animating. thank you for bringing that back to my attention. I am very happy that you know what I am going for.

ropsta - yeah, I completely agree, I think this problem comes from when the animation loops. my curves are probably coming to an abrupt ending. I noticed that at the mid point of the cycle, the movement is smooth and follows through, however at the ends, the motion comes to an end in an effort to match the start with the end. This has the unfortunate effect of causing all animations to come to a halt for a moment.

I’ll continue work on this in a couple days. Thanks for the feedback!