A Magical Clock

(Spelle) #1

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A magical clock or maybe a beast, made using Blender and Cycles.
Production time: two weeks. No wizards hurt. Sharing among muggles encouraged.

(Rachel) #2

Incredible work! I love the little bits of motion blur.

(BigBlend) #3

Disney called and wants to use your clock for the new Beauty and the Beast movie :smiley:

Great work as usual.

(Jeepster) #4

He does it again! Wonderful work as always!
The ornate details on the clock look great. I really like what you did for the composition too

The 9 and 3/4 tag was a really nice touch :slight_smile:

(Harold Tovar) #5

Really nice work!

(ctdabomb) #6

What can I say? Great job as usual. Is that background drawn/painted?

(NID Graphics) #7

Saw this on ArtStation. Nice work! You nailed it again :smiley:

(kropaman) #8

Oh Blender Gods!:yes:

(Spelle) #9

Way to go! Give them my contacts, buddy.

(Spelle) #10

Thanks! The background is painted and composed into blender scene as a plane. It was quite a challenge to make 2D and 3D look consistent.

(Spelle) #11

Gotcha! (/starts humming the Harry Potter movie theme).

(pchef) #12

beautiful image, I like that object and distortion around

(MmAaXx) #13

very cool! congrats