A mainly non-blender image

(rivenwanderer) #1

I just used blender to make the stars in this picture, then composited it with a sketch I’d scanned and colored and some clouds I’d made by blending clouds and waves from freefoto.com. And I used tons and tons of filters. This was done in Corel Photopaint 6. Any feedback on the piece artistically? It was inspired by Loreena McKennitt’s song, Dante’s Prayer.

(acasto) #2

Wow… so dreamy :slight_smile:

It looks great, from all aspects. Artistically speaking, I would hang it on my wall in my office if I could :wink:

(Olpainless) #3

I really like the mixing of styles in this piece - its excellent, and different.

The child-sketch ground, combined with the far more realistic sky, is interesting.

(kaktuswasse) #4

yeah, great work!
very artistic.

cya henrik

(Dittohead) #5

very nice work. 8) 8) 8)

(Riskbreaker) #6

This is cool, real smooth. Me likey.

Looks like someone should be doing album covers:wink:

(Friday13) #7

Very cool 8)
(this should be posted in the non-existant 2D forum :P)

(valarking) #8

the feelings i get from looking at it are different every time i look.
very nice job.

(malefico) #9

:o :o :o

Excellent job Riven !

It has a kind of “digital Van Gogh” style…

Would like to see more of it.


(S68) #10

Veri nice!

Congrats :slight_smile:


(CubeFan973) #11

Reminds me of the film “Waking Life.” Except you didn’t composite the 2D part, and they used no 3D programs. Still… cool.