a male head


I have been trying to create a male face and this is what I came up with:



C & C is welcome…

Just posting a closeup of the ear:




It would be nice with some feedback :wink:

Nice polycount, no extra polygons´s.

Nice wires. But it looks kind of that the man is sucking in his cheeks and pouting with his lips.
Also, i think his ear-lobes should be a little bit more defined…

I know about the lips, but I had some trouble getting them right… I think I need to rework them completly, but you learn from everything right…

I will try to improve the ear tommorrow… I made it following a tutorial I found somewhere, and I haven’t really started to make it more like my reference yet… but it will come sometime :wink:

Thanks for your comments

If you wan’t look at my post: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=62237 . A guy helped me with the lips on my model, they look good so, you probley should try to make your lips look like the ones he showed me.

(the lips are on page two)

that’s going to help a lot :slight_smile: I was actually searching for some wireshots from other people :wink:

I will update on this tommorow… I have to sleep now

Wow, I just got home from school you must live far away from me.

it might just be the color of the eyes now, but they seem just a tad too big to me

Thanks for the replies:)

I live in Denmark so it’s probably not near you…

I have been redoing the lips so tell me what you think:


They look better! But, the top lip looks like its pushed in to much (might just be the angle).

your right… I have changed them a bit… thanks for pointing that out

Well, as you have trouble with the lips, take a look at these pictures of a face I made about a week ago. (haven’t had time to finish it yet) As you surely will notice, i have more edges close to the lips in order to make them more visible

Hiower, you didn’t post any pictures.

Whoops! Forgot to add the link! Here’s my thread:
and the direct links to the images:

Thanks LoonieToon for pointing that out!

I have been working a little more with this… tell me what you think:


nice, but it seems almost as if you can see right into his scull through the corner of his eye - you wouldn’t find that hard a shadow in a real eye

Tux, are you trying for a realistic look? I think the shadow is fine for a cartoon. I like it fine. The lips are cool too. Definetly an improvement from the first picture. What did you base the model on? Is it from scratch or did you use a drawing or picture?

I am going for a realistic look, but i’m not updating so fast at the moment because I have to finish a schoolproject that I started before Christmas… ur I may need a break from time to time :wink: I will try to correct the eyes a bit someday…

see you all