a man's head

This is finished, because I will not work with it more. :slight_smile:


You’re very talented. The skin is great, the texture of the shirt, and the modelling are all quite excellent. There is no need to work on it any further.

That is ver, very good. I’d like to know if the skin is uv-mapped or how did you make it (it doesn’t seem to require to be uv-mapped…)

yes, no UV on the skin, only a skin texture mapped with cubic projection


Nice job, congratulation :stuck_out_tongue:

He is awesome. and best of all he really has character. I can almost smell the cow crap on his boots. :smiley:

Nice work again endi. The texture is very well done.

Only crit is proportion wise, the head seems a little too tall, but that is all I can see.