A Matte paint test

While further investigating Blender features I made this

it contains breakdown in the end. Basically I cut a few images. Put them on planes with different distances from camera.
It took less job in Blender then preprocessing source images in Gimp.
I’m really proud of the flag. It looks almost like a real piece of footage. Learned Cloth simulation (silk) for that. Although I guess I needed to make it more translucent
As an invisible effect. I cut out a few cars from original background image an animated them in the same place in Blender.
The globe looks really cool, yeah it’s a simple sphere with projected from view image. Did you notice how I cheated with it when the camera was panning to the right? I had to animate globes rotation actually to hide weird image distortion because I used project from view UV mapping
I realize that I picked wrong and too dramatic camera movement that exposes fake factor.
What do you think?