A meeting of Blender users has been arranged for Melbourne (Australia)

Date: October 7th (first Saturday of the month)

Time: (flexable) 11 AM to nominally 4 PM

Location: State library; 328 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria. (Link to page with map)

What to bring: yourself, a usable notebook/laptop if you happen to have one (being able to type text with it is all well and good, but not very usefull on it’s own), any draw

People confirmed: Me (1Samildanach), maybe maskedsow (he seemed very interested, and said 7th or 8th would be fine for him), }please insert your name here{ (;))

How to find each other: Hang around the front entrance (I’m fairly sure it’s the only one). Shouldn’t be hard to spot me, I’ll probably be wearing dark clothing with a hood up and carrying at least my notebook bag (probably another bag, too).

Link to the thread which in which this originated.

I admit, it hasn’t really been arranged so much as proposed and had positive responses to. Anyway, the intention is to start a regular meeting of Blender users where people can learn, socialise, share, etc. face-to-face, instead of face-to-computer-to-computer-to-face.

The start/finish times might need changing, so feedback on that (or anyhting else) would be welcome. My thinking behind having it start at 11 AM is that we would be able to wait around a bit for people to turn up, then wander off to get some lunch before we get into the artsy stuff. 4PM is just 'cause it should give us at least a few hours to do things, and isn’t terribly late. The ‘nominally’ thing is to indicate that it is more a guidline than a set in stone rule (if we decide we’ve had enough of each other before then, we can finish earlier).

I can’t thik of anything much else to say, sorry for not donig this thread earlier, I meant to but shrug.

EDIT: I originally posted this in Off-topic Chat, since the thread which spawned it was there (I suppose it probably should have been here). Looks like a moderator moved it without leaving any evidence, which caused me a little confusion.

i will be there glad to see something happening will be cool :slight_smile: i look forward to it

I suppose this is a BUMP of sorts. Saturday is a few days away and I’ve only got one other confirmation (and only one other reply :p).

It’ll still be on, even if no-one else says they’re interested.

Hey I missed this thread entirely!! Doh.

I cant make it this time, but if you do have another, I will definitely come.

Have fun guys.


Maybe we can have another next week, since I’ll probably still be in Melbourne then.

yer, im based in tassie, so it may haveto be next month…like…HEY sautday the 4th of november…now that i would do probably… i’ll see.

Hmmm, I don’t know if I would be able to make it, but it is a month away. We shall see what happens.

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I’ll be packing up and leaving soon, hopefully there’ll be at least three people (including me) though I’m expecting two or less.

see you there i will be carying a red dwarf bag and have a green jumper on

piss, missed the thread… I probably wouldn’t have come though, as much as I’d want to

Too bad I’m all the way in Perth! =(


Unfortunately, no-one aproached me, despite me hanging around from 11 till 11:45 (maybe a little laater even). And half an hour later, after checking this thread and reading maskedsow last reply, I did not spot anyone with a green jumper and a red dwarf bag.

Put shortly; it didn’t end up happening, and I’m tired.

I might offer trying again tomorrow, but… nah. I need rest, and busses don’t run on sunday (so I’d need to walk around 30 mins to and from the station). Perhaps next week.

yeah im up in melbourne a bit, so ill be keen to check something out probably.

oh thats annoying my treain was cancelled so i diddnt get there till 11:30 i then wondered around the frontand yelled out blender a couple of times to try and attract attention but there was a lot of people out the front and noone seemed to be looking around will be there again next sat if anyone is intrested 11am with my red dwarf bag i will be standing on the steps leading to the libbary and i will have in my hand a blender book so that its easier to spot this time i hope to see anyone who can make it there and sorry about yesterdays stuff ups was very annoying

Hehe, I was ust imagining a bloke standing on the steps, book in his hands, preaching at everyone. lol

Maybe a few of you need to add a link to this (or a new) thread in your sigs to attract wider attention. A lot of users might not come to the News forum, especially newer users. I hardly ever used to visit this forum but spent a lot of time in the support forums.

Just a thought.

Yesterday morning I got a PM from [email protected] offering to put any future events on the Event Tracker on BlenderNation (unfortunately I didn’t notice I had any new PMs till that evening).

If I do try to organise another, I’ll probably follow both suggestions.

I’d set a date for next weekend, but I want to keep it free just for the moment since my brthday is on the 19th and I’ll be heading home around (most likely) the 17th (I’ll then have a Quaker camp on that weekend). Since about… all the people I could call friends live in or around(ish) melbourne, my reason might become a little more obvious. I don’t have anything planed for next weekend yet though (and I don’t know if I will end up doing anything anyway).

I should go to bed now. Or maybe a couple of hours ago :p.

Hi, Maybe you could have a standing, 1st saterday of each month 11:00 am, next to the statue with the dragon outside on the left as you walk up the stairs or a specific area inside the library.
Personaly I like Outside 'cause a trip to the city, I live in country vic, is always a texture’n’pic fest for my digital cam. I’ll be the guy everyone is looking at taking close-ups of walls.:smiley:
Once you get it started it will be easier for people to find each other.
Also once inside you could leave a note for latecomers with the security guy pointing them to where you are.
So 11:00-11:30 meet outside, if it’s not raining, chat & introductions, then if your late and new, go ask the man. Just some suggestions, hope to make it there for the next one.

For the specific place: just inside the main entrance, where the green seats and the info desk are.

There is a desk, I think it is for information or something, in the front entrance, we could use that for the note leaving.

lol, this is cool. Maybe like a riddle that leads to the secret location would be even better. that would be fun…albeit pointless…