A message to all Commander Keen fans

(muteinvert) #1

i’m gonna make a movie(with blender) after this story i wrote(as homework, i got 75% on it)
but i need lot’s of people to help me in the folowing things:
-modeling people(not my specialaty)
-modeling the enviroment
-special effects
-python(might be needed)
-other stuff

if you want to join(that’s a pretty big if…) then you need to have an msn messenger account, and you need to be online a few hours a week

(CubeFan973) #2

If you were serious, I would tell you to give the project to someone who knows what he’s doing. Keen isn’t stupid. How else does he get to other planets?

Plus, if memory is right, Neptune is after Uranus. It’s not before it. He also couldn’t have gotten there within 1 night.

And that explanation is stupid!

(muteinvert) #3

look’s like someone doesn’t know a parody when he sees one

(mrmunkily) #4

whaddaya know, i was just thinkning about ck4 the other day…

see, thi s the nice thing about x86 architechture (dos didn’t suck that mcuh). if I want, all I need to do is grab old ck offf a web site and run it, dosn’t matter that it’s over 5 years old…