A message to the youth of today...

Pull up your fcking pants! They’re supposed to reach your waist, not halfway down your ass, not around your knees, not around your fcking ankles!

The past couple months at work, I’ve seen 3 of each, 1 of each working. No one wants to see your ass! And if you have to pull them up every 30 seconds, buy a damn belt. If you really need, I’ll buy one for you. Just… again… around the waist.

What’s next? Just going to ditch the pants all together? You might as well, they’re going to fall off anyways.

mate, higher some plumbers and get your car serviced, you’ll soon get used to it :wink:

Where did this little spurt of rage come from, Jeeves? Though I do entirely agree with you. Don’t even get me started on kids these days… :<

Wow. I sound like an old man. Would you believe I’m only 19?

you would buy me a belt? :stuck_out_tongue:

naah…i’m not really one of those kids…

I was going to bring plumbers into my post, but was too lazy to edit it after I forgot about them.

Just something I’ve wanted to say for a while, but it’s never really bothered me until now. Whenever I go to talk to someone, I face all the pricks with their pants around their ankles. I’ve tried telling them to pull them up, but it just doesn’t help… Cheap drink night at the bar may not help the situation, either…

Eh, I’m a year younger. Which is why I hesitated to post this, seeing as how I still treat myself as youth. But at least my pants are where they belong!

Why this hostility? I think that there is worse than that. I don’t show my as, but, yes, I got my pants a little further down. That’s just because I don’t like when the pants is scrubbing my d***. If you mean those extreem kids where they realy are showing there ases, i’m with you! I just don’t think it’s wrong with the pants a LITTLE further down that usual.

(I can send you a pic too show what I mean if you want to?)

thats soooooooo 7 years ago


Yo, dog, chill! It ain’t nothin butta matter of comfort. I like them hangin a bit below my waist, it’s loose, not tight. It’s comfy… and dat’s how I do it.
Besides, you gotta give some space to Mr. Happy-dog.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Consider the pant. You know, the Pant Association urges you to wear your pants at least three times a day. The great men of our time have all worn pants. Roosevelt, Churchill, de Gaulle, Ghandi – well, almost all of them.

Donald duck doesnt. And he’s great.

And he’s also very rude. I mean it’s all very well for Donald Duck to wear a towel around his waist when he comes out of a shower, but then he puts on a shirt BUT NO PANTS! So there he is


:expressionless: :-? :slight_smile: :smiley: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh…sorry, but that’s just funny to read…that’s cheered me up that has :slight_smile:

Roffey, your signature is funny :stuck_out_tongue:

SO WHAT! Let the youngster have a period of identity rebellion. Even Homer thousands of years ago said “the youth nowadays”.

Jerry curls, disco, punk movement, hippies, disco, they are all istinct. And so will be low waist pants. But then again the next generation is likely to irritate you too.

My observation is that the current state of affairs resembles the Roman Empire a lot. Economic and military power is in the hands of the Romans, but the Greeks had culture, arts, music, science.

The same you see today, the financial and military power is in the hand of the few select white men, culture and science comes from the minority.



REAL men wear sweat pants with elastic around the waist.

Then wear shorts under those pants, dammit!

So, if you wanna wear a Zulu-outfit. Just go right ahead my friend :]

Besides, your statement is false.
The Romans inherited the Greek culture after they destroyed it. True.
But they also made it better. Perfected it, you may say.
Their economic and military weight showed them they could use that as a product to export.
THAT can be drawn to todays world where Anglosaxon culture (films, music) is being exported all over the world.
Everybody knows Britney Spears, but nobody knows their Chinese equivalent.
You can see that in the recent American struggle to have European subsidies in cultural events illegalized, which fortunately didn’t make it.

Nevertheless. I like baggy trousers!


REAL REAL men wear loin cloths, and swing from tree to tree using the every so handy vines.


isnt that why boxers were invented? you have the boxers showin off the tush, and some weeelly low pants, its not so bad, i just got over it, maybe its europe.

but dayum, its so comfy on the jewels, and it stops the bottom of your pants riding up your shins when you sit down!

Before (im the one with the browny t-shirt and jeans near top right

After, look im soooo euro!

Not true. The romans didn’t perfect Greek culture. It was the Greek and other minorities themselves in ancient Rome that provided their culture. Their technology included only practical things, like architecture, streets, aquaducts, war machineries. But they are not sciencetist in the phylosophical way. HECK! They even didn’t have phylosophers. Democratos postulated that everything is build from atoms hundreds of years before the Romans. During the Roman rule, you cannot find such ground breaking stuff.

As for the comparison to modern times goes, all the culture of Americans came from the black people. Wearing baggy trousers is just that. Britney Spears wouldn’t exists if there was no Rock 'n Roll, Hip Hop, Blues etc. etc. It is all black culture adapted by the white powerful majority. Just like the Romans did.

Baggy low waist pants is just a charicature of black misfortune. It’s not fashion. It was just poor young kids wearing their older brothers pants when they were sent away to prison. Those funny string caps originaly were cut sleeves of prison uniforms they wear. They had to tie it with shoelaces. The latest fashion trends really makes a mockery of the misfortunes of black culture. But it is accepted, commercialized.

Fast foward to 20 years, those kids wearing low waist pants will hold managerial positions, mark my words. Just likes todays managers were yesterdays punks and hippies (although they deny it).

Hey, it’s hard being a bean-pole in today’s society! If I want pants that actually reach my shoes, they gotta be a little big around the waist.

But then again, I wear a belt everyday anyway. I think it’s pretty hot 8)