A Mid-Summer Day

Well, I thought Blender was going to crash a couple of times,…but it didn’t. Just don’t ask for the .blend lol.

looks great, the butterflies are well made, did you model everything yourself or did you use a script for the plants??


I modelled some of the plants myself, and some of them, like the crimson colored weed, I made with plant studio.
<edit> oh and the trees were made with lsystem.

Very nice render.

Some Beast grass would have looke dfantastic in this scene, but seeing as you already were worried about the file size and the render time, I guess that will not be an option. :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks, actually I still am thinking of using beast on it when I get a bit of time, especially to add some rocks.

like the top blur.
I’d sugest more detail on the path at the bottom, more colour to the butterflies and more friendly yellow light.
Blend on, Blend well.

Me really likes this one., esp. the flowers, the DOF effect, and the mist in
the background and the mushrooms.

Some crits:
1.) put textures to the treetrunks (colorvariation and bumps please).
2.) a different color for the butterflies would be cool, i think there´s really
enough green in there… :wink: .

Ok. that´s all, keep it goin´.

Bye, Olaf.

now all u need is soft music,

then WHAM!!! my biker flys down that trail at full speed


This final is really good.

The texture on the trunk still bother me, but the weirdness of scales is gone even you don’t seem to have much changed them

awesome pic. me like

Thanks guys. LukeP I actually meant to shrink down that front clump a little more, but I found most of the problem was actually being caused by a couple of floaters in the background that were also too big. I think you can see them on the earlier ones. Anyway thanks for the crits, had you not said anything I probably wouldn’t even have noticed.

Hey. Really nice :D. Perosonally I’d like to see darker shadows, but other wise this is great!

Thanks, yeah I should have left the shadows darker,…my excuse is, by the time i finished the last render, I had been looking at the screen too long. :wink:

According to what the DOF suggests, the butterflies are behind the front plants. That would make them 10 feet big, though, which seems like rather strange butterflies :slight_smile:

I suggest using instinctive-blender, it has integrated DOF :wink:

The rest of the scene is nice, though. I wonder why nobody noticed the wrong DOF.

Yeah, now you say it, that’s exactly that. Once again, with a little problem it does not work, and after staring at screen for hours, you will never see it.

I did not participate to this WC, as I didnt have much time, but mostly because would have I submitted, I would have wanted to do such a natural scene, and thought it was too complex for my abilities.

Congrats for a (almost, the trunk is really weird :wink: ) master work.

LukeP thanks again, intrr, you are mistaken,…but the blur could be made more realistic by giving it a ‘double vision’ effect, although, I don’t know that it would look very good.

hey Modron that is very nice render.

Modron: How am I mistaken?

you got my vote in the W challenge :smiley:


thanks guys! intrr, try putting a stick in front of your face and watching butterflies, then you tell me. :wink: