a mighty union

okay guys and girls.

you might remember that animation im working on, i know i said it would take me a few months to post an enviroment, but things are moving faster than i expected them to.

my animation takes place in a war set several years in the future, i plan to use a very unique art style. this is a pic from the opening scene. i thought it potrayed my style so well, i decided to submit it as a stand alone peice of art.

so what do you think? its my first time making an eviroment so dont blast too hard!:smiley:


Brighten it up by about 300%, then i’ll make a more useful comment.

More LIGHT please! Can’t really see anything so no comment

sorry guy, i have my moniter set on high. here you go little more color in this one.


Sorry, i dont think you know how bright your monitor is, darken your monitor until the foreground is almost completely black and that is how dark it is on this college monitor. Thats as bright as i can get my monitor.

Same here. I can see a little of the detail in the huge black area but that is it. I can’t tell if there is any detail there.

Lookes like I have to do this for you this is what it should look like.

okay im using a new moniter. the one zenoth posted is perfect, but far too bright on my old one.

thanks zenoth…:o

Looks good! :slight_smile:

Hey hey! A piece of work is out from NJROTC. Good job. I guess you can work on changing the lamp settings for now.

Looks awesome. Reminds me of something that would be done with claymation.