a mini cooper( UPDATED 13/2/06 )

hi all, this “mini” took me about 5 days of non continous work as i’m very busy these days ,so i wanted to share it with u here to have some commets on the model and some suggestion on the scene as it is still a test render …
i also wanted to know how to texture the head and back lights if anyone can help me with this ??

here are the renders :

http://img73.imageshack.us/img73/2351/rendtest37rv.jpg http://img73.imageshack.us/img73/1007/rendtest4bak3af.jpg

update: larger renders

what do u think ??

C & C are appreciated

fly arround >> http://rapidshare.de/files/13207152/mini-_fly_arround.zip.html << 368 KB

Give us some bigger renders?

It’s kind of hard to see what’s wrong with such small renders.

although i cant see much, the renders are little small, that looks pretty damn good, i no how hard it is to model cars and get the shape just right, but from the renders it looks like youve cracked it :smiley:

could we have some bigger render tho please :slight_smile:

keep up the great work :smiley:

It looks really good. However, you might want to Control-j the two halves together and then w to remove all doubles.

Also, this is just me, but wouldn’t the door and rest of the body reflect the surroundings in a slightly different way?

And I know I’m being a little hard here, I know the windows are tinted, but wouldn’t the windows reflect a little bit more? Anyways, apart from that it’s very good.

any chance of getting the model to BMR…I have a neighbor that brags about her Mini all the freaking time. I think it would be damned funny to render a movie about a Mini…falling off a cliff. Or getting blown up by a tie fighter, or smashed by the Monty Python Foot of God…

Me + that Mesh = lots of funny stuff…

i noticed, well i think there is a small error on the back bumper, were it meets the greyish/ black wheel arch. it seems to syop before it reaches it.

i also noticed that youve modelled everythign seperatley, how are you going to connect them all up but still keep the seems? thats one of places i struggle with when modelling cars.

thanks for the replys guys .,keep them commin

i noticed, well i think there is a small error on the back bumper

well yea i noticed this too but after i finished the render which took 35 min (slow machine :frowning: ) so i’ll fix that in the comming render.

i also noticed that youve modelled everythign seperatley, how are you going to connect them all up but still keep the seems?

well i dont c a problem with connecting it simple ctrl-j ( if that what u meant?)

any chance of getting the model to BMR.

what do u mean “BMR” ???

you might want to Control-j the two halves together and then w to remove all doubles.

i didnt connect them to edit them symetrically and when i’m finished whith it i’ll join them ,and about the windows i’m intending to model the interior but when i get some free time as the blueprints doesnt show how the things inside are positioned so i’ll have to do it completely from reference pics … you also said smth about strange reflections which i can’t really point out !

i meant how are you going to join the parts together but still keep the seams tht make them look seperate?

Nice work! Keep it up, no crits as I have tried modelling a car myself yet…

edit yeah, maybe one comment: the carglass should be done much better, more reflection, transparancy, etc.

When you wrote Mini Cooper I though well its a mini but I didnt think you would use the world Litteraly. The model is not bad except the visible dividing/mirror seperation in the middle but the scene’s texture should be changed or removed until the mesh is finished.

[>] The car looks incredibly small because the ground tiles are just huge and so arethe bricks (there is a conflict is scale in my brain when I look at it)

Not bad so far, continue :slight_smile:

@ Unimatrix:
AFAIK there’s a model of a Mini Cooper on Kator Legaz.

thats a great render just one thing the interlocking stone on the ground
is way to big

Roach 8)

BMR = Blender model repository…a project where we’re trying to get as many models for the Blender in one spot as possible.

i had this idea to render the blue prints i think it’s cool

still workin on updates.

hi all , i’ve made a flyarround vid fixed some things u’ll find it in the first post up
tell me if u have any comments i know the front grass is bent
and if anyone can tell me a better site to upload file
thanx for comming by.

any replys ?? :expressionless:

The mesh image looks pretty good. But [email protected] are you sure you jointed the two halves together? Because the mesh clearly shows that they are not. Come on man, you’re almost there, you just need to join the two halves and then it’s perfect.

Maybe you’re missing a step. It should go something like this:

  1. Shift and select the two halves.

  2. Control-j

  3. Tab to get into edit mode, and select all vertices.

  4. Press w on your keyboard, and pick remove all doubles

  5. Control-n to recalculate the outside.

ozo i joined it but the images on the first post are not updated … see the vid it’s the most updated one
thanx for replying

Ok you’re, it looks great. And you’re right you solved the joining problem, but what about that bump? It’s distracting. I don’t know, maybe you could put a sexy girl over bonnet to cover up the bump.

hey guys i need some help here , i need to set a good environment and lighting but i cant really reach any statisfying results … can anyone tell me how could i reach a realistic result any way of making the lighting show the model right cause making a scene look good is mostly about making good lights… so plz reply if u can help :slight_smile: !!!