A missing map error help required

I m stuck up with some little funny thing

I have a scene with lots of textures and when I am either trying to pack them in .blend or make path relative the below error pops up.

how d o i get rid of it ?
funny thing is, the maps shown missing are not at all used they must have been somewhere initially used but no longer in use.

  1. how do I remove this from blender’s maps list?
  2. How do I locate an object assigned with this missing map ? ( is there anyway where I can select an object from material/map editor? )
  3. What way I can get rid and make pack all in blend workable?

I m not very expert user of blender but a moderate one.

Thx in advacne !


These are annoyance only, wont affect anything in a file.
You could try select in UV editor texture dropdown names of offenders and Shift click on X mark next to the name on texture selector. Then save blend file and re - open saved file. Offenders should have been gone now.

yes it worked ! Thx