A model for you.

Seems I am extremely sort with time with my new jobs. So not sure if I will be able to sit down and tutorialize something.

but here:

If you just need to learn rigging this should be good enough, or just look at wries or use it in a game. Its free for what ever you want, as long as I have credit, this however modeled for Takran Online, but my content is not binding to it.

:o Very nice modeling. As usually Sutabi.

Just a few points, thats just my point of view of course…

  1. I don’t get your aproach for the eyes. Of course we can add movement later. But, in my opinion this “extra” polys would be better used for some detail for feet and hands.

  2. The texture for the ear could be a little more “soft”.

  3. I need to test your nice aproach for the arm articulation (middle). I usually spent 3 complete edge loops to make that.

Btw, this is just my opinions. The model rocks! Congratulations. Thanks for sharing this one.

Great model :smiley:

Yeah I know its not perfect but the joints show work… although I have big problems with extreme bends with the thigh area.

Dont forget my PandaEvil model:

Very nice… This is what i call lowpoly.
The Panda remembers me a model JD made once for a modeling context:


Do you have a .blend file for the Panda Sutabi?

(Maybe you and JD could do a “simple” MOD for a shooter whith your models. It would be nice!)