A modelling puzzle

Here’s a puzzle for modelers…

…to change that triangle into a quad, all quads. I need to keep the shape around the various holes as it is.

To be honest it’s not essential, this triangle isn’t visibly affecting the mesh under subsurf, but this project is in large part practice for making as clean a mesh as possible, so I thought I’d see what you guys came up with.

if you got 1 tri surrounded by quads it’s geometrically impossible :stuck_out_tongue:

Just shift that triangle and it will be fine.

he will still have a triangle in his mesh :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but so long as the triangle is in a flat area it doesn’t affect the silhouette so it won’t matter. Unless this wheel will be deforming into something else that is.

It does however produce two new triangles that perhaps can be made into an additional quad by triangulating the quad in the middle and then joining the resulting 4 triangles into 2 quads.

What does the rest of the mesh look like? Looks like there are too many stetched polygons if you want to have even topology.

Just as the image shows
triangle to quads
![Tris to quads|190x161]

That would be ok with the side ones, I could run a loop around the hole, but the bottom line would just create the same problem I started with, an extra loop around the bottom edge.

This is the full mesh, the general shape cannot change.

Edit: Front side view…

Back side view:

The triangle is already flat so it doesn’t need to be moved, just removed, if possible :slight_smile:

Can’t you rotate the inner ring half a face to get this?

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You got me wrong. The image shows the idea and all you need is to subdivide the sides and join these vertices with the one in the middle. The other way is just to subdivide the bottom, join it with the top vertex and dissolve the arms to make it like the other three.

Yeah, but since SDS is used it can help to move it further from the silhouette supporting edge/face loops. Well, lets just call them support loops to keep it simple.

This is what SDS produces out of a triangle as is.

Exactly what I set out to do in a remodel after I saw the full gear(originally thought it might be a car wheel or something more complex).

And yes I can confirm, the inner ring has correct amount of vertices, just rotation is offset.

wheel_remodel.blend (171.5 KB)

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Look below, I hope it’s clear now.
Tris to quads
As you can see, the curve’s geometry didn’t change unlike in case of SDS. I subdivided the sides only with the subdivision tool.

Yes, but better to place a support loop around the cornering edge to protect and preserve it instead.

wheel_remodel_fin.blend (260.1 KB)