A Modern Diner

Using Blender 2.8 until I can get through the book Blender 3d By Example, Second Edition.
It’s a great book as the examples are easy to follow and allow a lot of flexibility.
I’m on Chapter 5 which is the first of three chapters dedicated to making a kitchen.
I turned my kitchen into a diner.
I’m using a concept that’s similar to a geodesic dome for the roof.
I’m using four full icosahedrons. Some of the upper facets of the polyhedrons are part of the roof while the lower parts give strength and supporting structure to the roof. It seems to be a sound way to use geometry in design.
There’s a curtain wall that is angled out from the structure while the building itself, which is clad in glass, is angled in.
I’ll try to be back with some updates.

Working on the seating.

Trying to find out what I want to do with materials and making a lot of changes to the decorative roof structures.

Moved from Cycles to Eevee.

About half way there. Approximately.

Getting wild with the roof geometry.

I keep changing the geometry for the decorative roof structure. Trying to find something that works.

I got a ways to go but made a video of the progress so far.