A Mom, a Beast and a Dog -- w/First and Only Update

A little promo still for my short animation project - click for full size:


Great stuff. I like them.

good facial expressions

very nice 4/5 ^^ anyway i would take a look at her neck …

Poor dog … he badly needs a haircut.

Nice! The colours look quite inviting and the hair looks great all round. I don’t know if you’re after crits, but watch out for the deformations on neck and elbow, and also the lights burning out (especially on the dog’s back).

The kid looks evil

LOL a face only a mother could love.

so, Harky, are you going for some kind of record? Coder, Author, Modeller, Animator, Father, …

haha! Looks great harkyman.

Though I do agree with broken’s comments.


Yeah – the mom and dog are still WIP from a production standpoint. I just had to make something to give to the publisher right away, so I had to render with what I have at the moment. Still not happy with the dog’s fur, though I think I will adjust the lighting so he’s not so blown out. Had him on the wrong layer, so he got hit with the wrong lamp.

Been fighting the elbows for while, but I’m sure I’ll nail it before final render for the animation. The neck problem is really in the model more than the deformation – the collarbone tips are way too prominent. Thanks for the feedback, gents.

LOL…very good work…I like the hair. Good job with the particles.

Excellent. I like the legs; they have excellent structure, and you’ve even accurately depicted the tendons on the front of the foot. Unfortunately her right arm seems to all over the place.
I also wish you’d made the baby a bit cuter but that’s just a personal thing.

The woman and kid looks ok but the dog looks like Frankenstein made him. The fur looks like its been taped on him and no the eyes are way to dark. Like a doll.

I’m glad that the characters eyes are brown and not arian blue like every movie out there.

5 stars for the hair but overall 4 stars.

The facial expressions are really funny. I like how the mom has an innocuous smile while the baby and dog look as if they’re plotting to take over the world or something. The lighting is great, and you did a great job on the particle hair materials for the mom and “beast.” However, the dog’s fur strikes me as odd. I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe it looks more like sheep wool than dog fur. However, that’s an insignificant trifle. Great work!

tcrazy: Good job with the particles.

Do I smell Jahka particles :wink: I can’t wait to see the animation.

Impressive! The hair is amazing!
I like the Mom, i just find the arm a little strange (compared to the beautiful legs); also the dog character seems to me another style than Mom and baby.
The face of the mother really looks great. Good job!

generally a very nice render, but as mentioned, still the deformation around the elbow isn’t finished.

thats one scary ass baby
5stars :smiley:

Very Nice. Child has naughty eyes. Great Stuff.

nice colors.
i like the subtle style you have there too…
i agree with the comment that dog looks different in style.
also, where are mom’s ears? i think that makes her look a bit funny (to me).