a monk tux


I have been trying to model a tux I found at crystalxp.net

so this is my progress so far… fell free to comment


I like it my only crit is the eyes. The should be more round, and the left one should be moved in a little cuz it offsets the beak, but besides that good work! :stuck_out_tongue:

very funny i like it but smurf23 is right the eyes need work :smiley:

i agree with you on the eyes, but i seem to have lost my blend file, so I had to rework most of my model… :-? But I will update it as soon as i can…

Aww that sux dude hope you either find it or get done quick cant wait to see it!

well I have worked a little further with this one… I managed to recover most of it, but some of the smaller details I had to redo… I have changed the eyes a bit, but I am still not satisfied with them… comments and critics is apreaciated…


I thnik the beak should be slightly more left… also try adding a little better light.

a little update :slight_smile:

I am just starting to block out the enviroment I am going to make… and the texture is not final… it is just something i had on my comp


The idea is awesome :smiley:
The modeling is not bad at all. The eyes might need some more work.
The walls’ seperations are way too sharp. or if you want it to be sharp make the texture seamless and position correctly
The materials are contradictory. You go for a toony look on the penguin and yet try to put him in a realistic environment. The brick texture should be changed in my opinion. Try going to a toony scene too
The lighting. Its too dark and you should add shadows

Overall is a lovely project :smiley:
Keep it up!