a monks work

Just want your opinion from this. Is it to dark ?
I think that the point of view is not what it have to be.
But after a while I don’t see it enymore . Thanks for the reply.


I think it is pretty neat - I would recomend that you tweak the lights some more into a reddish golden early morning/evening shade - it would provide more impact, and around that time is when you get some of the best images. This is something you can do post production too. Have a great day and thanks for sharing this.

light the candle!

There’s something about that part where the table meets the wall that doens’t seem right. And 3dmedieval is right, light the candle, i bet it will look just great!

Nice idea overall, with a little tweaking you’ll have a great render :slight_smile: make us proud!

Thanks kbot , I am working on it.
3dmedieval: I see what I can do.
Khell[PT : your right , I correct it , I wish I have eyes like yours :wink:

but a big thanks for the meaningful replay’s.
I made a new render , whit a more yellow light, and later I go add some stuff so we learn more about the monk , and its live.


looking at it, the table looks very slanted

and I agree with lighing the candle

Thanks Elemetal , I correct it a bit.

A little update,I add some stuff to make ik a bit more interesting.
And I light the candle , whit the help of Nathan Dunlap (tut).
I still have to work on the textures of the chair and glaces.
all comments and crits are still welcome.
See it here

If that is a night scene, then it definitely needs to be a lot darker and the candle needs to be the primary light source.
If it isn’t a night scene the candle still needs to be a light source.

A bit more bump mapping on the table would be nice, or a lighting rig that makes it stand out, right now it looks a bit bland and isn’t all that clear.

There’s too much clear space above the table, either fill it up or drop the camera view a bit.

The candle needs sss.

Try to get a golden glow about the scene and the candle flame doesn’t look all that great. That ink well is tiny! It needs to be a lot bigger and try leaning the quill on the inside of the ink well, it would look better. Right now it all looks so upright that it looks fabricated. A bit of untidiness works wonders on believability.

Add hinges to the glasses as well.

Nice concept just needs a fair bit of work to go further then that.

thanks krayon , I agree with the sss on the candle.

Still working on it , it evolving slowly , but I 'am sure it gone give a nice pic.

a little update


that looks cool. the improvments are great :wink:

Almost finished ,its needs just a little post pro.
c&c still appreciated .


What part of the scene do you want emphasised? Right now, the lighting is pinpointing the wall, and everything else is dark. So the scene loses a lot of quality because of that.

You want to strike a balance between darkening the background and lighting up the foreground. There are lots of ways to do this, one of which would be to make the candle as one of the main lightsources and anything else as peripheral ambience lighting.

Hey, neat idea with the window. That simple touch would add a lot to the scene if you carried it through to the lighting a little more. All rusty oranges and back-lighting. I didn’t know what kind of thing you wanted, so I just sketched a little idea about that.


lookin good!

I wanted to throw in my opinion about the candle. I think it should stay unlit but add a wisp of smoke coming from it like it was just blown out because the monk has finished working. And if you can get your lighting like Zombie John’s paintover I think it will give the impression that the monk has worked all night and the sun is starting to come up.

Thanks for so many comments, this time I learn something from this work :).
I change the light , and try to give it a morning aspect, later on I add some smoke on the candle
That was a very nice idea.
It’s not really easy to find the right balance on lightning , especially in this work.
I notice that on some other (older) screens it is to dark, even when good calibrated .So I push the light a bit more to compensate. Next time I communicate a bit more to avoid misunderstandings
curious about your opinion.
Thanks to all.