A morning table

Hello there :slight_smile: I am pretty new to Blender, and this is my first so called “project”, that I spent some more time with. I would really like to hear if it’s good or bad, what it needs to look better and what makes it look nice, if anything. Be cruel if you have to, I want to get better.

(rendered it with cycles, 12 000 passes)

the water doesn’t look that real to me now… Did you set up the IOR settings?

Is it a Japanese style table? Legs are so short. I think that Julian is right about water, and the liquid in the cup (tea? coffee?, it’s dark and unglossy) ask for a bit more care. That said, more of textures are very good (a bit towards the imposing side, if I may say so) and light is interesting. Good models, too.

Yes, I was wondering about the water too, because the IOR’s are alright … maybe the water and the vase are overlapping, if that may have caused it to look as it does :confused:

The water actually looks fine to me. The coffee looks a little like a mug of chocolate syrup, it’s so thick, so I would turn the alpha down and give it some reflectivity. Also, unless this is bang in the middle of China (it’s fine if it is, I’m just wondering) the wall texture is too dominant and elaborate. But it’s great work for a first project.