A most interesting story about the world today.

It’s hard to believe, but there’s an advocacy group for everything.

NEW YORK CITY - An international group concerned about the treatment of chronic procrastinators has descended onto the streets of Manhatten targeting schools and businesses, they say that deadlines are too tight and that schools have chronically failed to give sympathy towards kids who do their homework at the last minute and get a major hit on their report card as a result.

They say this treatment increases the risk these kids can be bullied, thus leading them to not do their homework at all and gives a need to bus them to special schools where they spend the rest of their school careers, they find that teachers need to give leeway to those who forget they need to work on their homework and then they do it on the bus ride to school. They recommend either that these kids get reminded so they can turn the work in a day later or give them an exception and not count it against them, the teachers are up in arms and challenge the Procrastinator’s Advocacy Group to a fistfight in the streets in front of the school.

PAG has also targeted businesses as being too strict on deadlines and not giving proper safeguards to procrastinating workers or those with memory problems, saying they are still hard workers even if they cost the company millions since they were hired. “The deadlines are too short and there’s no cushion or backup plan for such workers to get their work done, these companies need to sacrifice profits for their well-being” Spoke PAG spokemen Toledo Bencil. “I think deadlines should be banned so these people can have the time they need to get their work done.”

Bosses meanwhile are calling their wants ‘crazy and absurd’, saying the next thing you know they’ll have to hire people with no ability to work or learn outside of flipping burgers on a grill.

PAG website

I was gonna reply to this, but then I decided I would do it later.

I find it ironic that you posted a joke thread about procrastination before it was technically April Fools’ Day.

Thanks Plantperson - word for word exactly was I would stated it. Seems you beat me to it. Stealing my thunder thats what.