A mostly Vray job in the Gallery. Really?


I don’t like to rain in someone’s finished work thread, so I will open a new one here.

Seems that if you modell some walls and simple objects in Blender, thrown in it some commercial models from Turbosquid, and let VRay do the rendering job, you have a render for the Blenderartists Gallery.

I mean, I can understand when a good Blender modelling work is rendered in an external ‘propietary’ engine and it makes the gallery, or when Blender is tested in a professional enviroment and it is good for Blender publicity, but I don’t understand why its moved to the gallery a work in which the bulk job is done by Vray and Blender is used in rather simple modelling tasks. The render is great BTW.

what is the criteria to move this to the gallery? I would really appreciate to have some answers about it.