A mouse controled rpg

Hi all,

In order to improve my blender skills, I’m starting to create a game with the game engine.
I plan to ;ake an Hack & slash type game, but a more arcade style, with power ups and this kind of stuff.
The most difficult is to make the main charactere moving by mouse clicks in the environment, I didn’t see many games using the mouse to handle this, is it hard?
At the moment, I’m still discovering the logic brick and the python API.
I’ll make a nicer look of my test materials and I’ll post updates here, you can give me your point of view of my progress.

See you soon.

PS : Any link on how to find the click location over a mesh? I mean I’d like to know the zorld coordinates where a click occured…

I’ll update the credits at times I find and use some external ressources.
Credits :

  • Chaser (MouseTools from his pathfinder demo)
  • blendenzo (Mouse cursor customization by scene overlay)


some relevant resources are available in the “Game Engine Resources” part of the forum.
RTS Script v.1.0 by Almost
A* Pathfinding Demo by Chaser

Thank you for the links, the pathfinder from Chaser is wonderfull, and the MouseTools are great, I’ll use them :slight_smile:

I’ll post a test scene soon :smiley:

Hello guys, here is the first video of my game.
The mouse controlled are a success, even if small twaeks to do…
Look at it and give me your first impression.

Next step is to move the camera according to the player character, but no rotation of the camera…
Maybe I’ll model better objects for the monsters lol.

Here is an update. I managed to find an easy way to control the camera.
I modeled some monsters to replace the stupid cones :smiley:
Texture to come…
Here is a video, what do you guys think about it?

Looks like a solid start. Is there a pathfinding that will find a way around the walls or did you simply make it walk on a straight line towards mouse collision?

Hi, thank you for the comment.
For instance I use mouse collision. I simply track the mouse by orienting it with a trackto actuator and then giving a velocity to the character. To stop at way point, I use a python controller that set the velocity of the player object to 0. This controller is simply called by a near sensor.
The bug of this for instance is that after the velocity played, if the way point is too far, the character stop moving :frowning: I’ll fix this later.

Hi all,
I started the player model and I’m rigging it.
But I’m not sure of the quality of these stuff, I never did lpm nor animation before, it’s a premiere lol.
Here is the rough model, hope you like it.


ps : This concept is not from me, but I don’t remember the name of the author, sorry, if you recognize it, please PM me.

I also added a few things I’ll show later, like basic fight (by colision, but monsters have their own HP), triggered traps. Other things to come like lava and switched doors for example.

Hi simonced,
your project is in a good way.
Now that you have a video showing some gameplay and few screenshots, I think that your project validates the condition stated in the follwing thread :

The WIP Games forum is for posting information and content regarding your game projects. Simply put, this is the forum to go to when you want to show off. Acceptable threads for this forum include:

  • My Game
  • Screenshots of My Game
  • New Game Demo
  • New Game Project

Now that you are making progress and not asking for help, maybe you should open a thread in the Works in Progress and Games Demos part of the forum.
Also, you would get more attention there.