A Mouse look issue

I Have one blender’s 2.6 versions and one of
the most easiest scripst’s are ‘‘mouselook.py’’,
now i am working on a main menu for a project
and i typed in the script correctly.

I selected my camera and added an always sensor and connected it to a python sensor
under the logic editor.(no spelling errors in script)

On my windows 8 pc , i press [p] to start the game and in blender it does not show
any mouse custor , i have even checked the script correctly , whached tutorials based on it.
please Help this issue has even been with the previous versions of blender how can i fix
this problem , is it the pc or blender.

Please reply

Did you set the Always sensor with a True pulse?

Can we at least see the script?

Did you checked this?

mouse look 2:[ATTACH]305746[/ATTACH] mouse look1: [ATTACH]305746[/ATTACH]

:)Thanks and Heres the script.