A must see movie

Farhenheit 9/11 great movie. It really show what a mess bush has our country in. [!]

You really are a troll, this like 3rd thread you’ve created. This affirms it because this movie has been out for ages.


You’ve never heard the term “troll”?


Other threads designed to incite flames, or are just plain stupid:


These are questions that you could simply google. This movie was discussed over a month ago.

You’re one line “this movie is good and bush is evil” is clearly designed to attract flames. If it wasn’t I pity you, and apoligive for being an ass. Please read up on netiquette.

wasnt meant to make flames. Forget netiquette. ITS CALLED FREEDOM OF SPEECH pal. Bush sat in a 3rd grade class room while th the WTC was hit. He sat there for over 10mins. no im not a troll just using my RIGHTS. [!]

not meant to be offensive Ditto head. Just expressing my feelings on this so called “administration” %|

No you’re a troll. Secondly, he sat in the classroom because he didn’t want to panic a classroom of kids, he’s said that before. Please don’t double post.

This has nothing to do with your rights. This is a private site, rights don’t apply here. Forget netiquette most anywhere on the net, and you will get banned. Netiquette isn’t there for your amusement or mine.

You can express your feelings all you want these threads occur every week or so, ones like this. You didn’t bother to “express your view” in any way in the first post anyway, so that hardly constitutes “expressing your opinion”. If you had actually put something in your original post other than two sentences that most of the outspoken people on this board agree to and utter in their posts (in threads like this) every day then maybe I wouldn’t call you a troll. But you exhibit classic troll behaviour. Maybe you’re not trying to troll, but you’re doing fine job of acting like one.


waht ever


just want to provide moral support for dittohead on this one. 8)


ditto no need to even reply if you truly think hes a troll.


im no troll i enjoyed the movie and i thought i should share it. There is no deeper motive :< :Z




Get a life, Michael Moore is a fat loser.

Alltaken, man you are such a liberal wiener. If you don’t recognize that, watch the films on http://www.jibjab.com/ they’re funny political cartoons that make fun of both sides.

if you ignore a troll his thread will quickly fade, not sure wtf mr_rob is on about, bad trip?

yeah i watched both the jib jab films and thought they were funny.

mike moore is a fat “winner” just as george bush is a maniac “winner”.

it depends what eyes you look through, if either of these people were losers then why are they accomplishing so much.

however i think that george bush will lose far before mike moore will, so i think that George has a bit more loserish potential, however mike moore can take the piss out of every single president that comes into office untill he is dead.

the word liberal doesn’t even exist in my language, but yes i am lift wing, and yeah i kinda do look like a sausage when lying down with my hands and legs streched out, and all painted red.


Funny how everybody says “don’t turn stuff into flamewars” and then turns stuff into flamewars. btw, ditto, I love your avatar.

I’m a troll :smiley: Don’t consider myself a bad one.

If you’ve seen the JibJab cartoons you’ll understand I was making a joke at Alltaken not saying anything seriously.