a n00by HDD question

so I was thinking of buying a gaming laptop because it’s cheaper than upgrading my computer, and works well (according to the specs) with blender. Then I thought of getting rid of my computer but keeping the HDD. I found this adapter that might work. This is where my question comes in: I want the HDD to be connected to my computer almost all the time. That being said, when I boot up my system when it’s connected, will it boot up from the main HDD, the new external one, or will it ask me?

If you still got an IDE HDD and want to buy a new system - throw it away. It’s most likely past a point of reliable operation.
And if like you say, a gaming laptop is cheaper than an equivalent as desktop, you’re doing something terribly wrong.

it is cheaper because not only is it more than 2x powerful than what I have right now, but also it is portable. That is a big feature for me because I have college classes and there are some long breaks in certain days (especially next semester, and could be more for all I know :P).
I don’t intend to be a stickler for details, but I said upgrading, not buying a completely new system XP

so I was thinking of buying a gaming laptop because it’s cheaper than upgrading my computer

This is impossible. Nothing is cheaper than gaming laptop. Gaming laptops cost at least 1000-1500 dollars while simply “updating your computer for gaming” can cost anywhere from 50-200 dollars up depending on what you have.

For a price of a single gaming laptop you traditionally get 2 brand new PC’s (bought in hand picked components with assembly) of equal performance.

IDE HDD is garbage nowadays. The capacities have increased so much you can just get a better SATA drive with couple of bucks. And since were talking about “gaming” laptop it probably has some fancy fast HDD, possible SSD drive which will render any external HDDs useless. Just find somewhere you can transfer the files you need, if you don’t come up with anything else you can transfer them with network cable pretty fast.

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