A necklace(Added .blend file)

Here’s a necklace rendered with blender internal
Please post your C&Cs


Looks to be all procedural based - is it? If so, incredibly skillful use of the internals :slight_smile:

Either way man, beautiful material you have there - I think I’d sell my soul for one =)

Very nice. It’d be interesting to see how you did the internal glow.

Here’s a .blend file with a part of the model and the materials(with packed textures)
Click the following link :

If it was hanging, the chain would have more of a V shape to it, but perhaps this is lying flat on a cloth?

Nice lighting

Interesting pendant…is the design significant? Looks kind on Incan or something…

No the shape is just imaginary it is not a symbol or something else

very nice use of precedurals and light, this is fantastic and very skillful work.

4 stars from me!

Nice lighting and textures. Render looks a little jagged, so I’d try doing a higher quality render.


Beautiful render! Thank you for the .blend.

Very nice!
I never would have thought the “Clouds” texture could come in handy like that. Plus the file was a great addition.