A new animated series

Hi all ,

I’m trying to begin a simple new animated series about robots , I aim on making this series for TV
so I’d be grateful for experienced artists to give me advises about how I should go and what I should avoid

I’ve already made the first step modelling and texturing 4 simple robots :-





Yikes. Before you aim for something lofty like tv distribution, I would focus on learning how to texture, render, rig, animate, composite and edit footage together first. That doesnt even get into the sound side of things.

Usually students would start by learning how to animate bouncing balls before even getting into rigging and animated characters.

I already have a good experience in all that and the models are all rigged and ready to animate
But the question is do i need to replace any of these models or edit them ,especially the 4th?
or would they work fine as long as there’s not a specified shape for a robot to look like ?
And about the texturing , what’s bad about these textures and what do i need to edit ?