A New Beginning

This is a remake of an old project of mine “Temple of Sorrow”.
But I can’t help but feel that there is still something missing , I hope that with your help I can finally finish this project.

I used some models from the “grass free”, grass from blenderguru tutorial.
mountain shader from blendswap mherpin.


Sorry, I don’t free much ‘sorrow’ from this scene, just a small suggestion, I think the withered flower and grass might cause some “sorrow” feeling, what you think?

Thank you dear friend for the reply it meant a lot.
I want to say that the title “Temple of sorrow” represent an event that took place in this temple you can say that this image is part of a story and it represent the early chapters hence the new title “A New Beginning”.
And i hope that in the future projects a lot of the story will be revealed :slight_smile:
But it seem that i failed in showing this “sorrow” feeling

this a render with no color management and i would say that it lack’s the “sorrow” feeling:mad:

I got this idea of adding falling leaves and adding dry grass and a lot of grunge to the temple and as you suggested i better start working on some withered flowers.

Thank you “foxrender” once again for your priceless advice :).
It truly inspired me to continue working more on this project


Thank you"Shaisgs" for your kind word :slight_smile:

I like the atmosphere and setting. A few issues I think:

  • Light is coming from the left and lighting up temple, but the clouds are lit from center right. Unless there are two suns in your world, I think that should be fixed.
  • Regarding compositions, the temple and the mountain sort of follow the same line, which means the temple is subsumed by the mountain shape. Make the temple bigger or shift the mountain to the right, etc. Basically change it so each shape/silhouette is distinct against the background. Maybe it’s the color values of the temple and the mountain: they are pretty close value-wise, so they aren’t easily distinguishable from each other.
  • Mountain probably needs some haze/mist to make it seem further in the background; this will also help set it apart from the temple. If it’s high enough away to have snow, it should probably be hazy in the distance.
  • What are the hazy bars of light on the left hand side?
  • The branches of the tree on the left are all very horizontal, not enough variation, so it makes it feel unnatural. Maybe that is the nature of that tree type, but it feels a little like an artificial xmas tree.

Hope this helps,


*Hahahaha That totally make sense well as you may not know i am quite fond with this particular sky image so always when i am making a sunset scene i use that image well i better look for another one that make some sense.
*Well it’s kinda hard to get a good composition but i will shift the mountain to the right and see how it will work.
*Yep i should definitely add some mist,my computer isn’t that powerful so i will add them using gimp.
*Those are lens flare i thought they looked cool.
*Well let’s change it and add some bark texture.

Thank you “Lhumungus” for all of your helpful advises i will make sure to implement all the ideas that i got so far :slight_smile:

Re: composition, look for some reference photos online. Maybe even use your render in google image search to see if it finds similar photos to use as a starting point. You can cut the picture into pieces in Gimp and rearrange for balance, just to test. Then implement in Blender and render.
Re: lens flare, yeah I think it is unnecessary and distracting. It’s like a weird floating energy field or ghost forms, which could be good somewhere but is out of context in this scene.

*yeah,having reference photos is always a good thing and in this project my only reference was an image of Athena Temple,well better look for new ones.
*Once again your argument totally make sense so consider the lens flare removed.

I am very grateful for all the advises that you have given me,Thank you dear friend for everything and i will make sure to implement all the ideas that i got from you and “foxrender” as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Recent Update hope you like it