A New Blender Game Engine Site forum

I was emailing with Ton and basically what he said was don’t ask me, bring it to the public! So I have.

I have just finished building a new forum. It is totally dedicated to the Blender Game Engine and anything to do with making games and improving the Blender Game Engine. I would love for everyone to stop by and start chatting about games and gave development and Blender Game Engine Development! I am totally into hearing about any problems or other crits. I want to build the best website for the BGE possible.

PS I am also working on a website that will make some money so I can dedicate myself fulltime to this project. The forum will link to it but it is in very early beta and I would not recommend going there and expecting anything great yet . . . But debuggers are welcome as are paid signups. Content will come. And it will come fast after I get about 200 payed subscriptions. Think of it like the open source movies for now, pay now, get content later.

Douglas E Knapp

Good luck!
My first impression: lots of subforums! that seems to be a thing many people have an issue with. It usually bother me too much, but here it seemed like a few too many, at least for now when starting out.

Ya, I thought about that too but I decided to go with it because it reflects the complexity of Blender itself and it a way it teaches just to read it. Too few fish in too big a pond but they do have room to grow. In anycase we have time to grow.

Thanks for the luck!
Douglas E Knapp

Initial impression.
Lack of focus. Way too many forums (I count 68) and you say this is about the blender game engine so why are there forums for film making.

For a forum to be successful it needs people posting and replying. The biggest put off for people is seeing empty forums. It’s like walking into an empty restaurant, if it’s empty it cannot be any good.
At the moment you have dozens of forums with no posts. Start off with less forums, get a group of people to create content to get the place looking more inviting and that it’s actually being used. You can grow the number of forums as the forum useage grows and you understand the needs of the people using it

This. When people start requesting their own space that’s when you create a subforum not before. Stick with 10 at most until you get a crowd. The users themselves will tell you that they need a subforum for a specific type of discussion. CGTalk didn’t get a Blender forum until people started asking them to create one. A lot of the subforums there were user requested.

I have stuff about films because almost every game has a film about it. It is often used to set the story. ALso there really is no other site focused on films for Blender.

PS please help out and post something!! :slight_smile: This will help it not be empty anymore.

PPS it is now much smaller. Good??

I’m not really a BGE expert here, but I still think you have too many sub forums.

I made a list of the ones that seem important to me (please keep in mind that I don’t use the BGE very often, if ever, I’d rather use something like UE4, Unity for games)

WIP Games
Finished games
Tips and tricks
BGE Descussion
BGE Python Scripting
BGE Questions
Game asset Questions

You could possibly use less than that. You might even just be able to simply not have any subforums, and then as it gets more populated, add sub forums for the commonly used topics.

How about “Finished Assets” and “WIP Assets” forums. Think Polycount.