A new blenderartists logo for the new blenderartists website

(ChameleonScales) #1

As you all know blendrartists is about to move to Discourse in not very long.
The current “ba” logo is not any bad. It’s simple and can be scaled down to take very little space in the website :

But still, making some research for a new logo may reveal interesting possibilities to refresh the website’s appearance and show the world once more that Blender is evolving and its community too.
Bart can’t yet work on that as he’s very busy with the migration but I say it’s never too early for us to start some research if we want to.
So if you think you have good ideas or good advice, join the conversation on the blenderartists test site !

(Pitiwazou) #2

I prefer the current one.

(pafurijaz) #3

Maybe you can try using Blender’s font, anyway it’s an art making logos, and it takes time. you have ventured into something that will surely make disputes;)

(ChameleonScales) #4

To my understanding, Blender’s font is part of the Blender trademark which is a property of the Blender Foundation and as such, it can not be used for a website that is not affiliated to it.

(Felix Kütt) #5

Yes you can, so long as you contact the foundation(Ton) and ask for written permission. For this website I’m sure that an agreement could be reached. Rather the question is should we even go for that? Seems to me the current logos font is fine, still modern looking, was well ahead of it’s time I guess. :wink:

(Michael Knubben) #6

I also much prefer the current one to any of your alternatives.

(Martynas Žiemys) #7

Current logo does not look modern at all to me and I think it would be nice if it got refreshed. But the new sketches do not look professional. I think it would be nice to see something with a more modern feel, fewer rounded shapes, something simple and clean with no gradients or fancy perspective effects from 1998. The connection to Blender’s logo seems like an interesting idea…

(FreeMind) #8

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

(rawalanche) #9

While the current may look a little outdated (although I personally don’t think it is), the proposed sketches look less professional IMHO. They look more like some warez forum logos.

I’d say that official blender.org site is a nice reference of what professional design could look lie :slight_smile:

(ChameleonScales) #10

If you’re referring to the font in the official logo

even if we have the right to use it, I’m almost sure fweeb and Bart don’t want any newcomer to think that blenderartists is affiliated to the foundation and this would give a cue that it is.

(RickyBlender) #11

BL logo is fine simple and known
it is like a classical thing Logo now

nothing wrong with it
so some will like it or not
and cannot please everyone on the planet

keep it as it is and let’s put time or discussion on more important things

happy bl

(Mike J. Gee) #12

Well - How many years the ba logo is “on the market” now? How fixed are the “bindings” of recognition on this logo?

Only two of some real essential questions, that I would ask a client, if he comes up with a logo change.

One thing is always to take in consideration: A known logo is a brand, a symbol, a sign and mostly also a mirror of the underlying “business”. In marketing, especially on logos, we always consider to do nothing, as far as

  • the business or the goal or the client-group do not change or shall not change -! drastically ! -
  • the entire logo is not under stress of brand- and/or copyright issues by other owners
  • the logo does not fit anymore into a new corperate design

If the last point gets value, then we advise always to keep it as close as possible to the entire logo. Mostly we advise more to adjust the new corporate-design according to the entire logo.

Well as to mention some examples for the non changing logo for decades, there are brands like IBM, Coca Cola, BMW, Crysler, Ford, Daimler Benz(with their try-star) and many more.

A typical example for a change under CopyRight stress has been Raider - which today is TWIX. (The younger ones do not even know this :o )

So finally, also my opinion, why changing? I wouldn’t do it.

(Martynas Žiemys) #13

I meant the sketches with orange outlines and blue dot on white in the centers. But, yea, I guess there would be issues. It just seemed interesting to me.

(ChameleonScales) #14

MartinZ oh, right, these. I think they’re far enough from the original logo to not be misleading. They are meant to look a bit like speech bubbles apart from the letters “ba”. However, I think blenderartists is a lot about art and will be even more in the new website (which will implement galleries), so I think this logo is too oriented to discussion only. But maybe it could be modified in some way (for example making one look like a paint palette)

(Roken) #15

Just, why? In the world, branding is everything, and re-branding can destroy. As has been said, it ain’t broke, so why try to fix it?

(Martynas Žiemys) #16

I don’t think branding is that important in this specific case. It’s a community. Nobody is coming here only because of how the logo looks, so there is no need to be that afraid of change. There is nothing really terribly wrong with the current logo, but I think there is space for improvement there. It is a little bit broken as it feels a bit outdated. It’s not a big deal, but it could be better and there is minimal risk to destroy something in this particular case. I think it does need a lot more work than current sketches - that’s for sure, but if there were resources that could be dedicated to this I mean like hiring a good professional graphics designer, I think it could be very nice if it was refreshed. It also seems now is a perfect time to do this as the forums are moving to the new system.

(Felix Kütt) #17

Except this is a online forum, the logo isn’t by far the important thing here. The domain name is. The posted content is. The logo… we could just save some screen-space and leave it completely out.

(EdgeMaster) #18

They are all pretty good. Keep going. You might hit gold.

(tungee) #19

I like the one with the ape :smiley:


I preffer the actual one, it’s more easy to read and needs less space.

That is true for old users, new users needs the brand and logo.