a new blog !!

welcome to my site [deleted link and put at the end]

what do you think of the concept of donations , i know that i’m not going to make that number , but any amount helps …

here goes , www.3dkernel.com

I don’t think it’s a good idea to put your phone number and other personal information online.

At least, if you do that in the Netherlands, you’ll be called and (snail)mailed randomly by scam companies.

thanks , removed them :slight_smile: .

Well if you’re in dire need for the money then adopting a passive attitude and waiting for donations won’t help you very much. If you work hard, put together an impressive demo-reel and look for freelancing jobs then I think you’ll be better off.

Personally 3D my vote goes to making yourself a proper website and stop posting a ‘new’ website of yours every week with a differernt form of money making scheme or minor update.

This one now has less content that your last site you posted about 50 thousands times…

now this is the real site …



thanks for guiding me guys .

how can i make a nicer gallery ?
where the images are thumbnail and get’s expanded ?
have i to use a plugin ?