A new category (or subcategory) for 3D Printing inclusive of 3D modeling for printing

Looking through the categories, I see nothing for 3D printing or a distinction between ultimate purposes of modeling: animation vs 2d (or 3d) art, vs functional 3D printing.

Blender can be (and is) used for 3D modeling, cleanup. As such, it would seem only right and consistent to have a category explicitly dedicated to those tasks rather than buried in categories not explicitly tied to modeling for 3D printing, Troubleshooting for models for 3D printing.

Instead of cluttering up categories full of topics unrelated to the task (by virtue of the fact that they came into existence before 3D printing became a thing.

A breakout category explicitly for questions and concerns of 3D Printing might be nice. I for one would like to know what people are doing, what works, tips, tricks, tutorials, specific to design for 3D printing using blender across a variety of possibilities: Functional, artistic, aesthetic, mathematical art, jewelry, cosplay, etc, outside applications: Pepakura, PotteryDraw, Openscad, etc.


Note: Rendering and Animating aren’t the same as printing. Frequently models designed for rendering are specifically excluded from being print ready. Same often applies to models animation ready (rigged).

There are other considerations for migrating from rendering or animating to printing, or from start to finish for the purpose of printing, perhaps in addition to rendering or animating. Just seems to suggest the usefulness of a category dedicated to 3D printing.

This sounds like something best suited for a tag. Do we have a #3dprinting tag?

Yep: #3d-printing

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