A new eye tutorial for Blender!

Hey everyone!

I just finished making a tutorial on creating an eyeball using blender. I took methods from this,this, and this tutorial.

Please take a look and tell me what you think?



[edit]I am adding a poll to see if anyone actually finds this tutorial useful.[/edit]

nice one! that’s a damn nice eye.

Thanks Modron, I hope that people will get some use out of this. %|

Many thanks for taking the time to help! All I would add would be a bump map on the white of the eye just to break up that spec highlight.

Nicely done.

You spelled my name wrong, and I didn’t write that tutorial, Lyubomir did.

Good work otherwise though.

Gmanx: I thought about creating a bump and spec map but grew sleepy and lazy. Perhaps I will update it this weekend.

Weirdhat: Sorry and sorry and thanks. :wink:

Here’s mine:


Keeping an eye on things…

Gmanx did you do it using my tut? Except for the bump map of course.

Looks good by the way, perhaps turn nor down just a touch.

It’s an old eye model of mine, but your tut helped me translate the old mesh and update that and the textures within blender.

Well done and nice eye on things :slight_smile: saw this on CG so jumped here

Thanks Sagat,

I remember reading that people who make tutorials really like to hear positive feedback. I guess now I really understand.


Can you ZIP the entire tutorial into one package? I want to add this to my folder of Blender tutorials.

I have some tutorials too, online. It would be nice to have one giant list of working (preferably recent) tutorials somewhere.


Sure Spin,

do you want me to e-mail it to you?

I decided to manually copy everything from that tutorial to my folder. Thanks anyhow.

Check this out. Animation of the eye, based on your tutorial. I think I’ll need to flatten the IRIS a lot and give it a bumpmap. It looks a bit silky here. I have already added some mild veins, and tweaking it since this video was created.

Click here to watch the EYE BALL



well, if you ever need the stuff I have everything all zipped up including the blend and .xcf files. One thing you might also want to add to the iris is an alpha map. That would give a nice sense of depth. Looking at the eye from a side view I don’t think the cornea comes out that much. But thanks for storing my tutorial Spin as I don’t know when the site will go down since I am not going to the university anymore.


Yeah, that cornea is a bit large, but not impossible. I did a google image search to see what the profile of the eye looked like. Does the cornea refract the iris, even on a side view? Should I add extra IOR or no? Well, the anser is the iris is completely shown, even on a side view. I borrowed my kid’s head for a few seconds to verify this.

Now that ALPHA mapping seems like a great idea.

I gather that you noticed that I used two clear textures for the outer layer of the eye.

I have also noticed that you can see the iris from about every angle, including the side view. You have inspired me to return to the eye for a while. I needed a break from the shark anyways.