A new face. Not half bad.

A new face I made. The references come from the Joan of Arc tutorial, but I didn’t use the tutorial this time.

Here is a render and wire of the front.
Here’s the back.

C&C is much appreciated.

Hey thats not half bad ^_^, but i think the eyes sockets look at bit to big for the face, or what is it the face is for? :]

Nice Job

Seems as if were all inspired to make faces this month :wink:

New update. Maybe I’ll try UV mapping now…
Does anyone know of any good head UV mapping tutorials. I saw one once, but I forgot were it was. It was about how to paint a face, and the subject was a character from the old Star Wars movies, a Federation soldier, Darth Vader’s right hand man, I think.

EDIT: Nevermind, found it. http://home.comcast.net/~dpattenden/
Go to tutorials.


The back of the head.

Thanks for anything, Bub!

This is looking sweet keep it going.I’d like to see it after you UV it.Thanx for the link as well…

Cheeks should protrude more. Loops around mouth are a bit odd. Eye sockets are huge. All in all, not a bad start but try not to get too complicated with the mesh until the basics are right.