A new fork of the engine

(Maujoe) #1001

Thanks a lot, it’s really nice that you pay attention to idividual requests (Evironment Lighting API ). I have some resources for upbge, unfortunately my computer is broken but I hope I can show them in a few days anyway. :slight_smile:

(JustinBarrett) #1002

i ASSUME THE NEXT RELEASE IS ON HOLD UNTIL EVEE (oops caps) and 2.8 are complete?

(youle) #1003

We do ~1 release per month based on blender 2.78 for now.

(tristan73) #1004

Hello everyone,

UPBGE 0.1.8 is now released ! The main features are the shadow slope bias and environment lighting python API. This release isn’t too big because youle was hardly working on Eevee code to experiments merge and i was busy with exams.

The release doc is: https://doc.upbge.org/releases.php?id=0.1.8
The builds will come tonight.

I want to thanks Nicholas_A for the splashscreen image, youle for his hard work on Eevee sources and Akira_San for the videos he made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnKF5z4QClw&list=PLAhAwUHmGjclxfpcB8CqRb1_B-p7eG76L.

(BluePrintRandom) #1005

Thank You Tristan and the whole upbge team!!

Hypersomniac said he pushed some really recent performance upgrades to evee on twitter.

Maybe they will help out?

(jovlem) #1006

I know that Eevee and UPBGE are diiferent engines.
But as they both are real-time engines, I gues there could be some stuff that can be shared by both engines.

Have there been conversations with the viewport / Eevee team, maybe about what from Eevee could possibly be used in UPBGE?

Also is there some sort of roadmap?
When can we for example expect the new material system and PBR?
Or do we have to wait for these until the 2.8 release?

(tristan73) #1007

@jovlem, hopefully we will not wait 2.8 release, we are currently talking with the Eevee team and making a proposal for a common API used by Eevee draw engine and (UP)BGE.

So all the features of Eevee will be possible in (UP)BGE.

(tristan73) #1008

Hello everyone,

All the releases are uploaded to the server now, look at https://download.upbge.org/.

Notice that now the downloaded files use a proper format showing the UPBGE version downloaded.

(youle) #1009

A quick video of work in progress in bge 2.8 branch:

(BluePrintRandom) #1010


thanks youle!

(JustinBarrett) #1011

looks great, would you guess that the rendering is faster in eevee…That is not a very clear question…hmm

I mean the current level of graphics people are using in UPBGE will render faster?..because one people get a new toy, they tend to push it further and the frame rates would then be about the same…that is why I am asking about current projects.

I only use UPBGE now and want to that you guys(UPBGE team)for your work…without it I think I would be back in unity. I am well versed in unity, but the workflow inside UPBGE is much smoother.

(youle) #1012

Hi, The thing is that eevee has many features including post processing effects. For now we work only on eevee_materials. I simplified the shader result because we have still missing uniforms. For now the performances are (very) good (a bit slower than with old materials but not that much with my gpu I think (I can’t really do relevant comparisons)). We’ll continue to implement eevee features and skip what costs too much.

Other infos/thoughts:

About hardware compatibility, your graphic card must support at least OpenGL 3.3.

About backward compatibility, I think we’ll have to break compatibility for many things (For example, in 2D filters I replaced gl_TexCoord[0] with in vec4 bgl_TexCoord; and for gl_FragColor, you’ll have to declare out vec4 fragColor; at the begining of you filter), for custom material shaders, maybe we’ll implement a compatibility mode to support gl_StuffRelatedToMaterials but not gl_StuffRelatedToLights). For now, I kept a revisited version of BI materials (without nodes), but I guess it will disappear too because I doubt the old viewport will be updated (So if we kept old BI materials in bge, we couldn’t have preview in viewport and this is difficult to make a game without having preview in the viewport). So I guess we’ll use only eevee materials. This involves many changes. We’d have to abandon our stuff about parallax or refactor it, same for our planar and cubemaps reflections system… But eevee has so much features that all of this will be replaced with quality job. Some changes about textures have to be expected too I think. In fact, as I see the things for now, backward compatibility for materials will be almost totally broken for bge :confused: . But the systems that will replace deprecated stuff will look like the olders so your experience won’t be lost and handling the new engine will be ~easy.

I think there won’t be changes on logic, neither on physics. For now, animations work as before.

I add a note about the concept of “realtime engine”: In the viewport, many things are updated only when there is an event (keyboard event, mouse event…). In the game engine, we do a complete render of the scene each frame. The default framerate is set to 60fps. It means 60 scene renders per second. But we do culling (we render only the things that are in camera frustum), and we’ll also do activity culling for physics, animations, maybe shadow rendering etc… In any case, the viewport engine and the bge are 2 different things. Viewport renders many things that we won’t render, like outlines, vertices (depending on the mode)… But even if we render less things, we have to keep the render as light as possible because we need 60 fps, so we have to find a good compromise of what is done in the viewport and what will be done in bge.

(jovlem) #1013

Will the new material system be in the next release?

If yes, I would say remove that revisited version of BI materials immediately.
Having two different material systems only causes

  • twice the work for developing,
  • twice the work for bugfixing
  • and a lot of confusing from the users ( “…Why is this not working?..Yeah, it only works with the other material system…What???..” ).

But I understand offcourse that remove something you spent a lot of time on is kinda painfull.

Also removing the BI materials means that the next release may have “less” functions then the previous one ( like parallax mapping ), because it takes some time before the new system is completed.

(mataii) #1014

how is the development going? I haven’t heard/read any news lately about UPBGE development :open_mouth:

(Lostscience) #1015

go to this link.https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?387752-A-new-fork-of-the-engine/page6
look at the last post.then click on the link, please
report bugs here.Look at pull requests on that page.

(Akira_San) #1016

The development continues on github. So far theres some bug fixes, added new stuff, some code refactoring. The animations get some speedup too see img: http://pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=117730
pre 019 give like 60-70 fps more in this char file. If you want to test for fps speed heres the file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6yNvVGWiWysTmxWOU95bXppSEk (Its from blendswap)
And here a Win64 vs2015 build of pre 019 - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6yNvVGWiWysTS04QzBBYkQ3Tkk

(Maujoe) #1017

A quick, dirty test with other programs in the background:
(Tested on Ryzen 7 1700x)

BFBGE 2.78c: Animations: 1.20-1.50ms / with 16 chars at once: ~3ms
UPBGE 0.1.8: Animations: 1.30 -1.50ms / with 16 chars at once: ~2.50-2.80ms
UPBGE 0.1.9: Animations: 0.70-0.80ms / with 16 chars at once: ~1.60-1.70ms

(Akira_San) #1018

Ryzen 7 wins!
My stats: http://pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=117745 ; L - bf bge, R - upbge pre 019

(Maujoe) #1019

But your stats confirm also that the improvements make animations near twince as fast as before. :slight_smile:

Edit: @Akira_San: Oh now I realize it is the other way, on the second image. R = Right and L = Left?
Did you accidentally invert the images? From the stats bfbge should be on the left and upbge on the right or I’m wrong?

(Akira_San) #1020

Ops, my mistake. Gonna fix it. :slight_smile:
But yeah, the animations are optimized compared to bf bge.