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Hey guys. I’m using BGE/UPBGE for my advanced AI baby simulation. After it runs, I’m going to render a movie of it in Cycles. I took a look in UPBGE and the “Record Animation” button at the top of the application has been removed since the first release. …This is supposed to be UPBGE. Why remove features? Is it because the software is too big to install/run? I.e. blender trunk? It installs/runs quickly unlike some big software out there.

(Thatimster) #1022

Record animation was an old feature used to record the motion of physics interactions in the game engine (back in the day normal blender didn’t have bullet physics like rigid body integrated)
It did nothing more than fill the timeline with keyframes.

If you want to record output from BGE, start a fullscreen game and use screencapture software like nvidia shadowplay or another type to record what is being displayed.

(BluePrintRandom) #1023

one could also build a dictionary from time stamps in realtime to avoid high write cost, and then sort the time stamps later and write to file.

dict.update(str(timeStamp):[object,object.worldPosition,object.worldOrientation.to_euler()] )

at the end

for key in dict:

then it will take a long time to sort in the end using list.sorted() using the timestamps,

this makes writing keys instant, and saving at the end take longer the longer the duration of the track

(tristan73) #1024


You can bake blender physics simulation to animation, see https://docs.blender.org/manual/de/dev/physics/baking.html and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay7TcUwJnJc

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video of WIP on eevee’s post processing effects in upbge:

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No need to use a dict, just append items to a list instead.

(BluePrintRandom) #1027

but the list costs more to update with each entry though right?

where as thr dictionary does not?

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That looks fancy.:slight_smile:

(Qareeb S Alhaqq) #1029

awesome can’t wait for the next release, I’m on the edge of my seat… :slight_smile:



“You can bake blender physics simulation to animation, see https://docs.blender.org/manual/de/d...cs/baking.html and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay7TcUwJnJc

But that’s for recording inside Cycles…I want to run my AI in BGE, record the physics in BGE, then render it in HD in Cycles…

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Are there plans to release UPBGE 0.1.9? I’m sure it’s coming since we have so much time untill 2.8… I thought I saw some change logs for it in the documentation…I could be mistaken.

(youle) #1032

@JustinBarrett: Hi, yes there is a 0.1.9 upbge version based on Blender 2.78
For windows, waiting they are uploaded on the website, I share it here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B8EITuogwZr6Mi1EQW5FbERqTHc?usp=sharing
For linux, I think the builds will be available before end of week on upbge.org
The release notes are here: https://doc.upbge.org/releases.php?id=0.1.9
Thanks very much to panzergame and the team for their great work! And thanks to the users who have reported bugs too!

(JustinBarrett) #1033

Thanks, I thought I saw the release notes…I was not really hunting them down…I was just wanting to see if there were any fixes since 0.1.8…I’m certain there are.

(tristan73) #1034

Hello everyone,

As some of you seen it, the version 0.1.9 was released at the beginning of the week, but the builds were not fully ready (in particular the linux builds).
Fortunately the builds are available now, as habit in download.upbge.org

This release is a bit longer than the regular release due to the holiday and some work on Eevee, but it includes nice features as auto smooth, unique object gravity, shadow PCF jitter, parallax material node, constraint breaking, and of course a mountain of refactors and a lot of bugs fixing.

Other information can be found in the release notes here: https://doc.upbge.org/releases.php?id=0.1.9

We want to thank users who continued to report bugs and not abandoned.
Thanks for support.


(joelgomes1994) #1035

Nice! The PCF jittering shadow and new libLoad stuff is pure gold. Keep up with the good work! :smiley:

(Nemescraft) #1036

How does the vehicle constraint creation feature work? I mean, how do I use it? I would guess that with the returned KX_VehicleWrapper I can do stuff… Constraints isn’t really my thing…

(tristan73) #1037

@Nemescraft: It works by calling this function: https://pythonapi.upbge.org/bge.constraints.html#bge.constraints.createVehicle


vehicle = bge.constraints.createVehicle(scene.objects["Chassis"].getPhysicsId())

Once the vehicle constraint/wrapper is created you add your wheel as before.

(Nemescraft) #1038

Thanks! After some research on the UPBGE API, I have a basic idea of how to do it. The process would be:

  1. Create the vehicle (as mentioned above: vehicle = bge.contstraints.createVehicle(…))
  2. Add the wheels (through some sort of loop which checks for wheels, I guess?) vehicle.addWheel(wheel1, pos, …)
  3. In another script, use applyEnginePower, etc. to move the vehicle.

This works for multi-wheeled vehicles, like a tank, right? Also, in this case, if I apply force to the wheels on the right, will the vehicle start turning left as a consequence? I hope so.

Anyway, UPBGE is great, good luck with fully implementing Eevee (I see that some of it is done already)!


Rigid Body Joints are not working in the 2nd last build before the dragon build. In a fresh new file I create a RBJ, 6dof, set limits, yet, it swings way past the limits, even twirls infinitely on my ragdoll (that’s how I discovered it). You cannot fix the problem by using rotational limits either because that’s at the objects origin not in between, object origin must be at the Center Of Mass for realistic simulations. Help.

(tristan73) #1040

@ADVANCESSSS: Please could you open a issue in github (https://github.com/UPBGE/blender/issues) and provide an example file ?