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Another question. Why does UPBGE website say stuff like Armatures/bones and other things are broken and have bugs…when…they work identically?. . . My simulated human baby skinned ragdoll falls the same in its baked environment with lights casting shadows same way in UPBGE…

I would like to know what exactly is not working/buggy/removed in UPBGE? Any constraints? Bones? Mesh? Physics? Python commands? Sensors/Motors? Animation plays?

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Where does it says that?


I may be kinda wrong, but it sort-of sounded like it. I got it off this page:

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Those are bf bge bugs - they are known, unless they are fixed. Else the armature/iks are working.

Provide a blend file.

I would like to know what exactly is not working/buggy/removed in UPBGE? Any constraints? Bones? Mesh? Physics? Python commands? Sensors/Motors? Animation plays?

Here for known issues: https://doc.upbge.org/issues.php For changes read the release notes.


No blend file to provide, I didn’t mean that~ That’s all my questions for now.

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  • I think for the base this can be done very quickly copying planar reflections patch-> UI in texture panel like for planar reflections and cubemaps. For the API it can take a bit more time .


Ok what did I just find online…if you click on the first link below and visit the Mizuchi website, home of the ultra-realistic real-time rendering system, and click on Features, it says “just swap the rendering system into your game engine” ! WHATTT!? Can we do that? It says so! And I thought that was possible btw! And can’t we swap in a better physics engine too? This should be easy.





Btw I have another question. How long will the UPBGE team work on improving UPBGE? Forever until…or just for the next say 2 years?

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it has to be a opensource rendering system for the upbge.


get outta here (just being funny)

None of those are open source? Where does it show so?

Well, we want a nice BGE, so, why not say bye to BF and buy Mizuchi and add the engines like it says you can easily do then? Then our UP-BGE will be heaven. It’s not like we need our UPBGE to be completely opensource or MUST merge into BF BGE. Add these engines and we’ll be happy, BF will be sad (no they won’t be sad).

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unfortunately the render system must be opensource.Read blender license.This has been discussed many times.


Mind-explodes. Can they sue us? And just how easy is it to “add” the engines anyhow? What about passing around the code after the install heHE? ‘We’re a closed organization/compANY’

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I’m pretty certain you can create your own custom build and implement it yourself(not a trivial task)…I could be wrong though…mixing code under one license can sometimes force it to adopt the other softwares license…and may be the case here…I am not sure either way…and I also find it irrelevant anyway.

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Hello everyone,

Do someone is using or knows someone else using the fact that KX_PolyProxy can be a quad instead of a triangle ?

I’m asking because the data we were using for converting a quad will be deprecated from blender in sometimes (they have good reason to do it).

Thanks for any answer.



Um…my model is made of square meshes. When I press P to play, the mesh object turns into triangles. That’s ok. But outside of play mode, I want to keep my mesh model in square plane form when not in play mode. It’s easier to edit and upgrade my mesh model when it is made of square mesh planes.

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Triangulate modifier should do the trick ADVANCESSSS

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Anyway we keep polygons (ngons) in blender, only the access in python can be affected.


My model has ngons. If we can’t import ngon-models / edit ngons in the UI editor, that will be very bad for me, because I’ll have to replace about 160 ends…each end of every finger piece, palm, arm, etc…

SO - If I can import into UPBGE my model with ngons, then everything is great.

Then again I’ll be editing them all so they are round ended…so…I don’t think I’ll need ngons

Please tell us the advantage of your choices.

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UPBGE 0.2.0 is released today. This version is a regular version released on ~1month, it includes some news features as sky environment texture, python inputs helper and empty physics shape. Also a lot of bug fixing were pulled in this release.

More informations can be found on the documentation: https://doc.upbge.org/releases.php?id=0.2.0
Downloads: https://download.upbge.org/

Thanks for supporting us :slight_smile:


Gonna try it today

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I’m making an update button add-on that will automatically check for new upbge releases and will give you the option to update right inside of blender.