A new fork of the engine

(BluePrintRandom) #1081

so happy about the empty physics shape!


I can’t get Sky Texture to work…I got the Sky background working, but the Environment Lighting is giving no effect. See both images.


(mataii) #1083

Thanks for the update Tristan73! :yes:

(BluePrintRandom) #1084

this is all sorts of creepy

(BluePrintRandom) #1085

Thank you Tristan, Youle, and TwisterGE, LordLoki, and anyone else who has contributed the UpBGE

this release has some really nice stuff!

thanks Moguri and blender devs as well.

(Akira_San) #1086

@ADVANCESSSS, any errors in the console? Its possible you are using an incorrect image size?


I’m pretty certain there was no errors displayed. I fittled around trying it a bit, no errors seen during the on/off/on/off tries. I usually see errors displayed btw too. I also tried it on a blank new scene today, no success. No result in play mode nor viewport. Image size is like 3000xsomethin

Btw I mean the new feature - environment lighting, I can’t get it working.

(TwisterGE) #1088

What is your texture like?

(Nicholas_A) #1089

I made this addon for UPBGE. Go check it out!


Interesting addon Nicholas_A

@TwisterGE The texture is a 3040x1900 jpeg of trees. Those 2 screenshots show it a tad. Sky background works, however I can’t get the new feature working - environment lighting from-the-sky. Maybe send me a blend file of it working?

(TwisterGE) #1091

Ok, make sure the texture is in this format:


I can try that, however, if you look at those 2 screenshot comparisons, there is 0 difference noticeable.


How’s it going? Does the new feature Environment Lighting from sky texture work for anyone? There is no instructions that I don’t know, I followed all I could…Please explain on website how to use?

Btw I can’t attempt another try with a different pic I don’t have the time. . …my trees one was pretty close and there was 0 result when comparing after zooming in…so…won’t make a diff if change pic

(tristan73) #1094

@ADVANCESSSS: Your image is 3040x1900, and we accept image on ratio 3x2, but here 3040/3 != 1900/2. So the image isn’t creating a cube map anyway. Though blender should be already complaining about the size.


Today I tried re-sized images. 3000x2000, and 1000x2000 I think it was, and no success.

My steps I take:

  • Open texture in world texture panel.
  • Change to that Equadrial view or whatever it’s called (lol)
  • Remove tick at bottom and tick the one under it I think it’s horizon.
  • In World Panel tick Real Sky.
  • Tick Environment Lighting.
  • Change to Sky Texture
  • Tried various values like 1.0, 1.1, 5.0, 30.0
    > No worky…No visual change on my model or the floor from the sky.

(TwisterGE) #1096

@ADVANCESSSS check my latest blog post about this:

Here I teach exactly how you should use this feature :slight_smile:

(HG1) #1097

For the single image in the cubemap, the width and height must be identical. This is an OpenGL limitation.
In the BGE there is also an second limitation that the image need to be powers of two. I don’t know if the UPBGE still have this limitation.
So use 3072x2048 to be sure.


Yay. I seen some of the video, but I decided to do this later as it requires a bit of thought…

(Doc Holiday) #1099

Ah! Thanx for this. Now i get it working. This is so awesome.

(BluePrintRandom) #1100

made this in upbge today :3