A new fork of the engine


Finally, Form Factor works ! O.O

Nevermind, there is no bug.


bug.blend (2.29 MB)


Finally, Form Factor works ! O.O

Nevermind, there is no bug. Simply it was the new Form Factor. I had the top object set at 0 Form Factor. Before it used to register as 0.4 ALWAYS no matter the number set. Now 0 does mean/work as 0. So everybody check your objects’s Form Factor settings ! I hope 0.4 still has the exact same effect as 0.4 did before this build. I’ll try to test that.

Done testing. 0.4 Form Factor gives you the same affect as earlier builds. Set your objects to 0.4 if different numbers. Then, if you want to improve your project, adjust the Form Factor.

(PeterBluewin) #1143

Hi tristan73,
I download the actual version from UPBGE 0.2.3. But this version has the same bug as some month before !!!

IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO DISPLAY DYNAMIC TEXT with a Property Text. UPBGE has not option to display dynamic text !!!

In any game you have dynamic outputs for … speed, counts, points etc. No textoutput, no game.
How can I display dynamic text with UPBGE ???
Can any body help?

Anybody can test it:

  • Start UPBGE
  • Change to Blender Game mode
  • Delete the default cube, add a plane
  • Select the plane and add in the logic panel a property “Text” of type “string”
  • Write text into the property value
  • Then start with “P”
  • Add material to the plane. Modify the material so the ARIAL.TGA file can display singel letters.
  • Start with “P” again.
  • Result: not text output in any trys.


(PeterBluewin) #1144

UUUuuiuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, :eek: :confused:

the Text-Object has a new context!!!
The text-object can receive dynamic text from any values. That it ! :evilgrin:

Sorry, I search in a wrong direction.

(BluePrintRandom) #1145

textobject.text = str(someobject[‘property’])


(PeterBluewin) #1146

Yes, thank you very much.
And I found this simple solution without any Pyhton programming:

…and at Runtime:

I would like to make a new short thread for this important info.

(Wisaam) #1147

So is development still on?? Haven’t heard from you guys in a while.

(JustinBarrett) #1148

they were probably waiting for 2.79a…

either that or they are waiting for 2.8 to be more production ready…or they stopped dev for a while…all things considered I would understand waiting.

(mataii) #1149

I was wondering the same :slight_smile:

(aWeakOwl) #1150

hi, I think panzergame paused or stopped upbge development (no new commit since 1st january).

About 2.8, I stop the development of my branch waiting to see what will be the design of the next official bge. The development might begin in july but nothing is sure for now (as far I understood, an experienced bge dev (Benoit Bolsee) might be hired to launch the project). I’ll see if I’m able to help or not.


I was also waiting to the design of new interactive engine to help again. I’m sorry I haven’t been involved in development lately but the uncertainty of it all was killing my desire to write code.

(JustinBarrett) #1152

I hear and understand that…I just assumed everyone was in a “holding pattern”…it makes zero sense to develop anything when you have no clue what the code structure is…what features are available and how interactivity in general will be handled…add to that that a year later the new nodes system for everything will be taking shape…

all this is not so bad…it’s just I do not see anything fruitful happening until the dust has settled…it may be another year…who knows.

(BluePrintRandom) #1153

well, I have forked upbge and am staring at a pull request by panzergame
(implement mesh creation)

could we merge this before closing her down?(upbge)

can we do forward+ light cuts for upbge?

then I have everything I ever needed, and implement zbrush like in game sculpting.

(pqftgs) #1154

Sounds like panzergame called it quits, at least that’s the word on the street. Unfortunate :[
Btw does anyone have the script for downgrading upbge materials? I CANNOT find it.
Nvm I guess I don’t need it

(JustinBarrett) #1155

Well he rode that pony for a long time…as far as I’m concerned he’s ok in my book…I wish him luck.

(pqftgs) #1156

Amen to that

(TIAN-SKY.com) #1157

For kickers, I’m considering doing a little game (as a test), to see how far old Blender 2.49b can go with or without Python…

(TIAN-SKY.com) #1158

I’ve changed my mind. Just downloaded the 2.49b source code. I had notes on what dependencies I needed to compile it before, but since I moved on to 2.6/2.7 I’ve deleted those dependencies ---- I just wasted an hour trying to compile it… it didn’t work out.

Besides performance wise, 2.6/2.7 is much better.

(kolas) #1159

So um… I’m worried about this project. There are no signs of life. I only hope that it is still in development.

(BluePrintRandom) #1160

it’s pretty much ready to use from what I have seen,

what feature are you looking for?

sometimes it’s easy to build them using blender guts/mathutils/py