A new fork of the engine

(BluePrintRandom) #1221

the new scene could contain py components and they would execute automatically,

it’s part of security with opening blends and helping people, you know exactly what code is being called.

py has quite a bit of system access on the host computer.

(mziskandar) #1222

On UPBGE, Text objects seems can’t be colored.
…and I think something off with render-to-texture too, compared to the main render.

(BluePrintRandom) #1223

My version olf 0.2.4 is a little old compared to master but I use colored text all the time

as for render to texture can you describe what is different?

maybe a side by side

(mziskandar) #1224

I’ve fixed it. RTT seems off because of the camera setting and color managemet.
Text color fixed using object color…